Need simple (I think) 3D model created from 2D cross-sections

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  1. blabus
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    So I'm looking to have a 3D version of our company's logo created for use as a keychain. However, I only work with 2D design (Photoshop, Illustrator) and have no 3D knowledge or experience, so I was hoping to find someone who can take the attached 2D cross sections I've illustrated and turn them into a 3D model suitable for being printed by Shapeways (STL file format I believe?).

    So if anyone is available, send me a quote! Attached are the cross sections, and I also have those shapes in vector format, in case you can import them into your 3D software to make things easier. (Also I know the cross sections view may not be the easiest to envision the 3D version by, so you can send me questions and I'll try to describe it better).

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    Here ya go.

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    Holy hell, now that's what I call service! I can't thank you enough!