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  1. BCaldwell
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    Hi all just a quick question as I can not seem to find an answer with search option.

    If I make a model in lightwave useing a Lightwave grid scale of say 50mm would the physical model made by shapeways be the same dimensions as the 3D digital model. Or would I have to build the 3D mesh to a different scale in order to aquire a physical model which would be 50mm.

    Hope thats not too confuseling, if anyone could point me at a thread where this is already answered or if anyone can answer directly I would appreciate it muchly, thanks :)
  2. coines23
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    When I do it, I model assuming 1 unit = 1mm, and check the mm option when uploading the STL file. If I have specific dimensions to work to, I'll make a box sized to those dimensions and make sure the final model fits inside that box.
  3. BCaldwell
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    Ahh I understand, so when I upload the model in this STL format there is an option to make sure the modelers scale fits to the printers scale IF the correct options are checked by the modeler at upload time. Thank you for that reply thats seems fairly straightforward.

  4. Silverbeam
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    Hey guys! new here and a lightwave user, how do I go about getting a model ready and over to shapeways, is their a plugin to use etc format?

    If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

    Okay, I found under utilities and extra plugins, the option to export as a collada object, but when I do, it is rejected and they say it's too small, I went back and using the measurement tool it was way bigger than the requirements....

    Any suggestions?
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