iPhone Case with Cross of Jesus

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by PlainOrb, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    Just receive my first iPhone case design last week http://shpws.me/biWa


    This is an iPhone Case for the one who love Jesus. I hope you enjoy his accompany. It's also designed to engrave names on it as customization. As you can see, it's designed for decoration and style. Feel free to post what you think of it :)
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  2. jeff
    jeff New Member
    Good work for your first case, get the fit right on your 1st try?

    I like the sweeping curves connecting the corners across the back. The cross doesn't look integrated into the design tho and comes across as just tacked onto on the back as an after thought. Also the connection method with the thick wires wrapping around the front of the phone look a bit large and clunky.

    After some more refining you could have a great design, keep up the good work.
  3. PlainOrb
    PlainOrb Member
    Hi Jeff,

    Actually I had a failed prototype before, so this 2nd prototype fits right.

    The sweeping curves were inspired from palms that paved the way when Jesus entered Jerusalem. I'm happy you like it.

    Yes, the cross is actually integrated as a top layer to the bottom layer. This is the most visual trick I made with this design :p

    The wires are used to lock the case from slipping off the iphone and protect the charger port.
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  4. lensman
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    Nice design. Could I ask where everyone gets there phone dimensions from? Does Apple provide that somewhere or do you just measure a phone?