Interlocking Metals

Discussion in 'Materials' started by chanusa, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. chanusa
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    Hello! During the website transition, I noticed that new interlocking models were not printable in brass and silver. A Shapeways representative posted that this was a temporary problem and that it would be only a matter of time before new interlocking metal prints would be accepted.

    I just uploaded a new model with interlocking pieces and it says it is not printable in brass because it has interlocking pieces. When can we expect new interlocking models to be printable again? And at the end of January, will existing interlocking models be discontinued?
  2. I'd also like to know what is going on with the interlocking metals - last week I uploaded a pair of identical interlocked chains as one model and have ordered it successfully (currently in production). Today I upload a similar pair of chains but the cast metals don't even show up as orderable - in 3D tools it tells me that the max part count is one, yet the material guidelines clearly state this is not the case.
  3. mkroeker
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    Check the bounding box, it is significantly smaller for interlocking.
  4. I also have another interlocking model which I can buy...but if I try and sell it, it says not printable!
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    Same problem here -- I asked support about it. I have a model in the marketplace where you can buy in interlocking silver, but when I select the model myself, I cannot even see silver into the materials selection. This is frustrating!!