I'm Hiring An Artist For A 3d Printed Mask.

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by jhgold, Nov 23, 2018.

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    I don't want to bother you,- but:

    The "generator" power = 0,5 Watt?
    That's 0,1 Ampere at 5,5 Volt

    You would have to take a deep breath and have to climb the Mount Everest to charge your smartphone...
    ...But maybe it's just an experiment
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  3. jhgold
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    Its a prototype.
  4. hanelyp
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    In addition to the low power available from breathing, that does not look like an efficient turbine. It's a bit outside my expertise, but I'm pretty sure I could design a much better unit for the purpose.
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    Better eat bean soup,- and work with compressed air after...
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    have you done that?maybe we can work together,i am a mechanical engineer with more than 13 years' experience.
    if possible,please send more information,e.g.a simple sketch with some dimensions.
    you can contact me :tanerxun@gmail.com