I need an experienced engineer to discuss an idea innovative to physical therapy / exercise science

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  1. brettg4193
    brettg4193 New Member
    I'm a college student majoring in pre-physical therapy... Message me if you are confident in this technology and if you have an understanding of the beautiful physical potential that humans possess. Thank you.
  2. G3EngineeringDesign
    G3EngineeringDesign New Member

    Give my office a call at the phone number below and I'll see if I can help you meet your product design and development needs.

    Thank you in advance,

    Daniel Glenn
    G3 Engineering Design, Inc.
    11860 West State Road 84
    Suite B8
    Davie, FL 33325
    phone 954.306.8439
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    I've moved this thread to the '3D Modeler Needed' forum.