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  1. Artistix
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    Hey folks,

    Sam from Australia here.

    I was going to make some Star Trek figure customs & people refererred me to this site.

    I am still trying to wrap my head around this 3D printing business!

    My project is pretty simply. I have a 7" tall figure. I wish to up-scale her head to fit on the body of a 12" figurine.

    7" figures head

    Middle figure - 12" scale

    I gather the 'white, strong & flexible' material would be best?

    We are giving her rooted hair, so the hole on the head from the plastic harpiece would need to be filled. Would rooted hair be possible with the strong white material?

    Am I able to send the figures off to Shapeways for them to do it all for me? or do I need to get all the 3D uploading done myself?

    Thanks heaps for your time. And to the Shapeways people thanks heaps for an awesome website!

    Take care,

    Sam. :)
  2. Artistix
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    Can anyone recommend some other 3D printing sites?
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    I have no idea about the rooted hair stuff, but you would have to model it yourself. If you need someone to model it for you post in the modeler needed section.