Google Sketchup 8 - 3D Text inaccurate dimensions????

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  1. I was trying to use google sketchup to create some 3D text so I selected the 3D text tool and entered the Height as 30.00mm yet when I measure the text using the tape measure it measures 28.50mm. I need it to be precise how can I get the text to be exactly 30mm high?

    Thanks in advance.
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Use the scale icon pick the top grip and type in the scale box 1.052631578947368
    Which is 30 divided by 28.5
  3. coaster
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    Cant you just measure it and type in 30.00mm and you will be asked if you want to rescale and you click yes.....then 28.5 becomes 30.????
  4. TrainThingz
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    I use SketchUp too, and I think I know what's happening there... it's caught me, as well.

    When you stretch or shrink text, (or any object, really...) there are THREE handles at each point - Top, Bottom, and Middle.

    If you pick the top or bottom handle, then the text THICKNESS will be scaled diagonally through the center along with it's height and breadth! That's probably what's happening, especially if you're grabbing a corner.

    If you want to adjust the size in only ONE dimension, then you have to scroll in VERY close so that you can see the MIDDLE handle. When you select that one, you will adjust ONLY the object's X, Y, or Z dimension without affecting the others. This will let you make those fixes without changing the thickness.
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  5. Thank you everybody for all the help, I have managed to fix it now.