Finishing WSF material with plastic casting?

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by AzHP, May 16, 2012.

  1. AzHP
    AzHP New Member
    Anyone tried finishing WSF with SmoothCast 300 or other similar casting plastics? I want to try because it has a fast cure time (20 minutes) but I've heard it gets real hot when it reacts (up to 100c) and the WSF page says it has a heat resistance of up to 80c, was wondering if anyone has tried it or recommends for/against it.
  2. pdb
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    i have limited experience with fast cast. but i believe it might depend on how much resin you are using.

    small amount = less heat generated

    (i cant see any info in the tech sheet on it. so it probably varies too much between different jobs)

    i imagine that if you got something with a slower curing time the heat wouldnt be as much of an issue.

    any chance you could upload a picture ?

    or expected volume?