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  1. Kebechett
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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to make a gift for a friend, but I'm not super experienced with 3d modeling. I have a "completed" sculpt, but Meshlab hates me, and I have no idea what the problems are with my mesh. I keep trying to run it through Meshlab, but it always crashes :(

    Would anyone here be able to help me out?

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  2. christopherlowe
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    loaded it into blender and found that there are a whole bunch o doubles... 20k at least.

    then i tested for manifolds and there are a bunch of those too...

    i suggest going back to your originating program and try and fix these before going into meshlabs...

  3. Fredd
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    Always consider a model something you cut out and glued many small pieces of paper together, and filled with air. No air leaks! Just 1 outer connected surface.
    Shapeways uses the model info sent to a machine process.Your model might render nice, but might be impossible to create.
    The surface, while you can visualize it, has no thickness, so the faces/polygons that form it all have to be connected to make it manifold(water or air tight). Main point being it has to be sealed.
    You can hollow it out to save cash, but that's another topic.
    Doubles refer to vertices being at same Cartesian coordinates as other vertices forming exterior surfaces.Bad,bad. leads to printer errors.
    With your modeling program, you just want to see all edges, faces,verts on the surface. Anything in its interior, in most cases will cause more problems.

  4. mikegust
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    I fixed Y file
    remember IT IS SUPER SMALL 1.6mm

    U need to scale it (remember minimum wall size for Y material)
    U can pay me what U think is fair (I spend 1H fixing)
    PayPal mikegust at yahoo dot com
    good luck

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  5. Kebechett
    Kebechett Member
    Thanks everyone for all the help! Cre83D fixed it for me the other day. I'm slowly getting the hang of all of this, and have already started making more stuff without any issues. :)