60mm Foam Ball Belt Attachment/Pokeball Belt Clip

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    Just got my belt clip for a 60mm foam ball...which just so happens to be what I paint into my cosplay props! I was trying to think of how to attach pokeballs in such a way that they would be accessible but secure. I was thinking "real trainers" would need them to be quick draw. This belt clip is secure around the mid-section of the ball but light weight and flexible. I love it.
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/988113/60mm-foam-ball-belt-cl ip.html

    The only downside is the print price is around $9 each in material. I am not sure how to reduce this any to make it cheaper but still as secure. Any thoughts?

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  2. trishycakes
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    Love the Pokeball holder! Gatta Catch them all!

  4. trishycakes
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    Thanks! It bothered me when people glued them or pinned them into their belts.