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    We used to have this part injection molded, but the shop when out of business and threw out our molds. I was able to make some reverse castings of the remaining caps, but the material we are using isn't durable enough. Rather than spending a ton of money on another mold we'd like to see if 3D printing can create the caps for us. The caps are 2.25 in wide by 2 in tall. They are hollow with a pie structure to provide added support. We also have our logo on the top of the cap. The top is a curved, rounded surface. The bottom is straight with a reverse groove that fits into our tubes to hold the caps in place.

    Dimensions are fairly critical as the finished product has to fit flush on the tubes. The finish of the top is also fairly critical because it has to be smooth and show the logo for branding purposes. The pie structure isn't critical. The final product could actually be completely hollow as long as the plastic is durable enough. We can send you a sample cap for dimensions during your design process as well as to compare to the finished 3D printed item.

    Here's what we need from you as the 3D modeler:

    1. A quote/bid for your fee to design the model.

    2. A copy of the finished 3D model file - you are a work-for-hire, we own the right to finished file. We would prefer that the file be capable of using an open-source, free 3D model software. If not, we will need to know which software you are using to create the file.

    3. 10 sample printed caps for evaluation.

    4. 3 high volume printing sources that will accept your 3D model file plus volume pricing from those sources for this product.

    To the right modeler this can also work into additional projects as we have several other caps that also need to be produced.

    Please contact me to provide a bid for this project.

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    Hello from Detroit Michigan! We need this work!
    Send the drawings to jeffopel@ameritech.net and i will get you a good price
    Jeffrey Opel