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hanaghansarah commented on XO Midi Ring by thepeoplesjeweler
April 2, 2015
XO Midi Ring
hanaghansarah Wow amazing
hanaghansarah commented on Webcam Privacy Screen by BITGEM
April 2, 2015
Webcam Privacy Screen
hanaghansarah excellent idea
hanaghansarah commented on Letter - Æ by IMP
April 2, 2015
Letter - Æ
hanaghansarah excellent detail
hanaghansarah commented on Dog Femur Weaverbird by Strelitzia
April 2, 2015
Dog Femur Weaverbird
hanaghansarah wonderful
Ring - Elegy of Emptiness
hanaghansarah Excellent, do you sell them?
hanaghansarah commented on Bayerischer Tiefladewagen Spur Z by PetZ
April 2, 2015
Bayerischer Tiefladewagen Spur Z
hanaghansarah Excellent
Transforming Hexagonal Truss Structure
hanaghansarah what a wonderful design
hanaghansarah commented on Chopsticks holder by PMPM
February 25, 2015
Chopsticks holder
hanaghansarah cool, have any of the big Chinese restaurants pickup on the idea?
hanaghansarah commented on N Scale Barnhardt Log Loader by wbv
February 25, 2015
N Scale Barnhardt Log Loader
hanaghansarah Brilliant
hanaghansarah commented on Medium Mesh Purse by vertigopolka
February 25, 2015
Medium Mesh Purse
hanaghansarah Cool looking purse
Mini Penny Board - 3D Printed in Stainless Steel
hanaghansarah I used to have a skateboard like this when i was younger.
hanaghansarah commented on Zombie Arm Ring (high detail) by Vintouch
February 25, 2015
Zombie Arm Ring (high detail)
hanaghansarah not sure, some people will like it though
LIEBHERR LR1600/2 (NZG) Lattice Stinger Extension
hanaghansarah I thought that was full size at first!
hanaghansarah commented on SuperX by TomZ
February 25, 2015
hanaghansarah Is this like a new type of Rubik cube?
hanaghansarah commented on Cap to hide some screw on IKEA chair by IkeaShop
February 25, 2015
Cap to hide some screw on IKEA chair
hanaghansarah I have a table at home with a similar size screw, do you think it'll work?
hanaghansarah commented on D24 (24-sided die) Tetrakis Hexahedron by ppoz
February 25, 2015
D24 (24-sided die) Tetrakis Hexahedron
hanaghansarah A 24 sided dice, amazing
UAVMaker Mobius Brushless Gimbal Roll Arm
hanaghansarah what can you use this for?
hanaghansarah commented on Guitar ring by guibluz
February 25, 2015
Guitar ring
hanaghansarah brilliant, do you deliver to the UK
Caterpillar Equipment Set - 1:285 scale
hanaghansarah excellent detail
Restaurant Booths, Tables, Chairs and Lunch Stools
hanaghansarah excellent detail, what can it bee used for?
hanaghansarah commented on 1/285 (6mm) Tejas Fighter (Indian) by snowfox01
February 25, 2015
1/285 (6mm) Tejas Fighter (Indian)
hanaghansarah excellent design, looks really cool
hanaghansarah commented on Scamper Mini-car by Drawn_Steel_Hero
February 25, 2015
Scamper Mini-car
hanaghansarah this looks really cool, well done


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