December Shop Owner Payments

The December shop owner payments are currently being processed so Shapeways shop owners will soon to see a payment into their Paypal accounts (in time for the holidays).  We usually pay shop owners once their accumulated mark-up exceeds $30 but as a gift to all shop owners (and the accounts department) we will be paying out all shop owners, no matter how much they have earned

Please note this will be for all completed sales up until November 15th.  For those of you who have not opened a Shapeways shop yet, the holidays is a great time to set yourself up to start making cash from your designs.

Free Money Collection in Cash

Free Money Collection in Cash / epSos .de / CC BY 2.0

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  1. Anonymous

    Two small errors:

    - Current order overview mistakenly says settled for items dated November 16th 2011.

    - Payments are done up to AND including the 15th while the “unpaid earnings” is calculated up to NOT including the 15th.

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