Tom Bell


3D modeler, Designer, Maker

A long time computer programer, I've now had a career change late in life and started designing things - narrow gauge model trains.

tebee commented on OO9 Cheap and Easy Tram Loco #3 by tebee
12 days ago
OO9 Cheap and Easy Tram Loco #3
tebee @talyllyn1Thanks - I'm always happy to see finished versions of my work - especially nice ones like that!
tebee commented on On30 F7 conversion body by tebee
April 22, 2016
On30 F7 conversion body
tebee @pacbelt was designed around the Model Power F7 - should work fine with the Athearn ones as the bodies of these are interchangeable
tebee commented on Gn15 0-4-0 estate loco by tebee
April 19, 2016
Gn15 0-4-0 estate loco
tebee @talyllyn1 Thanks, always nice to see finished models - especially ones as nice as these.
009 railbus single ended with bonnet (narrow type)
tebee @Astas777 009 4mm scale 9mm gauge
tebee commented on HOn30 Switcher conversion body by tebee
January 29, 2016
HOn30 Switcher conversion body
tebee @Bob_S Is OK was brought up on feet and inches and still find it easier to visualize things like room sizes in them. But for modeling I'm so used to working at 3.5mm = 1ft that I always work . I made it bigger again - is now 12.2mm wide there . My life-like sw1500 switcher is 11.35mm wide over the chassis block inside the bonnet - how wide is the Kato one ? ( any unit !)
tebee @Bob_S OK I've now revised it - the bonnet is about 0.5 mm wider which should give plenty of room . I've made it available in FUD - it was one of my very old models - the last update on it was 24/01/2011 just over 5 years ago! It probably predates FUD... Have had to take the rivet detail off the cab as this will mess up in FUD
tebee commented on 1:32 Decauville steam loco by tebee
January 21, 2016
1:32 Decauville steam loco
tebee @schoener In Gn15 here -
tebee commented on On16.5 8ft Underframe by tebee
January 3, 2016
On16.5 8ft Underframe
tebee @Zartyblartfast 26.5mm - the standard length
tebee commented on 009 Freelance protected simplex style loco by tebee
December 27, 2015
009 Freelance protected simplex style loco
tebee @ECML_Fan It should fit the TU-13CL chassis as is with minor modifications. That chassis is a bit shorter and higher than the one it's designed for. Inside the loco then ends of the chassis should rest on two little L shaped ledges. File these back a little so the shorter chassis fits between them . Add two new ledges on to the top of the existing ones. Wheels will be 0.5 of a millimeter from the center of the axleboxes but they are failrly well hidden anyway so no one will notice.
tebee commented on 009 steam railcar Coach Body by tebee
December 16, 2015
009 steam railcar Coach Body
tebee @ECML_Fan and this is one of the sort where just the wheels swivel
tebee @ECML_Fan another example
tebee @ECML_Fan t yes they often split at the footplate, but the loco always has a long wheelbase extending behind where they are articulated
tebee @ECML_Fan Both sorts existed - some has the loco and coach together on one frame with the loco chassis swiveling below, effectively a stretched single Fairlie. The problem the Fleischmann chassis is it's a short wheelbase one with the motor mounted far back. This makes it impossible to articulate correctly. The pivot point needs to be within the wheelbase of the steam loco chassis - otherwise, when all your passengers get on the loco will tip up! I know a lot of models of these are made like this, but it's wrong and annoys me!
tebee @ECML_Fan I'm undecided yet - I could have it mount on one of the Tomytec bogie chassis and do dummy cylinders and rods for the front bogie or I could split the loco from the carriage section and articulate it, putting the loco on a Kato tram chassis . My indecision is why it's never been finished ! Only put it on here so I could show to people and ask their opinions.
tebee commented on 009 4w Long 1st class Coach by tebee
December 16, 2015
 009 4w Long 1st class Coach
tebee @scottderail it's for 009
tebee commented on 7/8 Skip Ch2 Complete by tebee
December 5, 2015
7/8 Skip Ch2 Complete
tebee @Windbergs I'd abandoned it as the elimination of the half price rate for big WSF models and per part charges made it much more expensive ( it's got 13 parts including the wheels. ) Have a simplified home print version, but that too is still under development . Will see if I can get a sellable version sorted It was for 7/8 scale 45mm gauge BTW are you THE Thor Windbergs ?
tebee commented on 009 later type Sentinel loco with bunker by tebee
September 22, 2015
009 later type Sentinel loco with bunker
tebee Kato 103 chassis


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