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Weekend Events in the US and UK

Managing your Shapeways Shop Facebook Fan page Best Practices

Designer Spotlight: Jessica and Jean-Baptiste Fontes

Shapeways Meetup Recap: Meeting the Shapies in Amsterdam

Connect with Shapeways and Learn via Video Chat

Chris Schauble Earthquake Face Becomes A 3D Print

European Events in April

Designer Spotlight: Corretta Singer

Shapeways California Meetup Roundup

Heartbleed Update: Shapeways is Patched

Order in time for Mother's Day!

UK Roadshow: 3D Design and Printing in Edinburgh, Scotland

Announcing our First Gadget Hacking & Accessories Contest

Designer Spotlight (With bonus material!): Matthew Levy and Martin Griswold

Friday Finds: Thinker Things

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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