Object Theory

3d printing empowers and celebrates the creativity of individuals. It enables people to make and purchase things otherwise difficult or impossible to create or obtain. As a designer, I love this because it gives me the freedom to explore ideas, design objects and share them quickly, whether it be for one person or many people, regardless of where they are.

I like how objects assist us, enabling us to do and be more. They help to express what's inside. What a beautiful thing to be ourselves, to like what we like, to do what we love. My objects are designed with this in mind.

Celebrate your individuality, your unique, quirky, weird awesomeness. My designs won't be perfect for everyone, but I hope you find something perfect for you or someone you know. Do your thing, Be More You.

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Object Theory,
   exploring ideas
   through objects.

3D printed designs
   by David Tsai,
an American designer
   working out of
   Houston, Texas.