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Forum: Introductions
 Topic: Howdy y'all!
Howdy y'all! [message #104293] Thu, 04 December 2014 06:16 UTC
avatar mitchmcquinn  is currently offline mitchmcquinn
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Junior Member
Hi there! My name's Mitch, and I'm from New Brunswick, Canada.
I'm a life-long artist and animator. I'm here on shapeways because I'm so excited to be involved in an industry with emerging technology and a new market that's just waiting to be explored!
So far I've only used shapeways to design a few little knick-knacks as christmas presents for family, which should be shipping tomorrow! : )
I was trained with 3DS Max in school, and never really liked it, and sometimes I have fun with sculptris, but I really prefer blender for serious projects, and I'd really like to learn zbrush if it wasn't so friggin' expensive.
My experience level is hard to gauge because all of my experience which has led me to this point has been so eclectic, but I'm a relative 3D noob, as most of my work has been traditional art, 2D digital art (I use a lot of adobe products), and 2.5D video and animation with after effects, I still have a really good eye for awesome 3D design, it just takes me some time to get there as I'm still mastering the tools.

I've attached a render of a cute little bunny I modeled to use as Christmas gift, you can check it out as an example of my style here:
https://www.shapeways.com/model/2874456/lucky-bunny-charm.ht ml?li=shop-results&materialId=6

Please note that I don't really have my shop set up like I'd like to yet, I'm basically waiting until I get this order in and can take some decent pictures of my products, and I'm obviously going to reduce the number of materials this bunny is available in. : P

Nice meeting you all and happy shaping!

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 Topic: Hi from Brazil
Hi from Brazil [message #97505] Sun, 31 August 2014 18:29 UTC
avatar leandroarndt  is currently offline leandroarndt
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Hi there!

I am Leandro Arndt, from Brazil. I'm here to design and sell christian articles, from jewelry to page markers. I've already created and uploaded the simplest models, and I'm now trying to do some christian imagery, which implies modeling the human body. No easy task, really. Any advices on my uploaded models?

Leandro Arndt
Cristão 3D
 Topic: i.by.a. / now on Instagram
i.by.a. / now on Instagram [message #96627] Wed, 20 August 2014 18:04 UTC
avatar Inspired_By_Architecture  is currently offline Inspired_By_Architecture
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Senior Member
Hi Shapies,

As I have already introduced myself and many of you know my shop from designer spotlight and shop owner discussion forums, I will not bother you with additional background. However I want to announce that i.by.a /Inspired By Architecture) is now on Instagram and I hope to be seeing some followers from in here:



By Michael C. Poulsen
 Topic: hello from alabama
hello from alabama [message #94065] Wed, 16 July 2014 18:39 UTC
avatar chad121590  is currently offline chad121590
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I have good ideas and I made a monsterbuddy6t you epic people should download im not good at codeing or anything but if its thinkable try it also how can I sell them

chad brady
 Topic: Hello !
Hello ! [message #85407] Tue, 25 February 2014 07:49 UTC
avatar 3dprintlab  is currently offline 3dprintlab
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Hello everyone!
Artist, handyman, and especially passionate about 3D printing for several years ...

I also do a postdoc on 3D printing questioning speeches and the actors involved and the impact on the general public, I do not forget to practice daily :)
I am immersed daily in 3D printing.

 Topic: Hi, old User would like to introduce New Service Website : WMC
Hi, old User would like to introduce New Service Website : WMC [message #81255] Fri, 13 December 2013 21:42 UTC
avatar guidosalimbeni  is currently offline guidosalimbeni
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Junior Member
Hi ,

I would like to invite you to visit our new website (Beta version) at the following web address:


The WMC (Watertight Mesh Certification™) is a product qualification label that certifies the 3D model has passed visual and automated tests that meet specific qualification criteria in the list of model requirements published at watertightmesh.com.

Further the certification service, which , I believe , you as "Shapeways Shoppers" probably don't really need, there is also a section for 3d modelers listing filtered by 3d printing skills. This listin would be a resource for 3D Modelers to seek new job opportunities and gain greater visibility and market exposure.
I would really like if you could register to the site here http://www.watertightmesh.org/register

Hope you like the initiative and any feedbacks, questions or comments are vey welcome.

Kind regards


[Updated on: Fri, 13 December 2013 21:43 UTC]

 Topic: Video game miniatures Ohhh Myyyyyyy
Video game miniatures Ohhh Myyyyyyy [message #69259] Wed, 05 June 2013 19:37 UTC
avatar Solusipse  is currently offline Solusipse
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Junior Member
I'm very very new to 3D Modeling. I decided to start off with a few miniatures from video games. Take a look and tell me what you think. I welcome any feedback or suggestions.

 Topic: Hello from a new intern!
Hello from a new intern! [message #69178] Tue, 04 June 2013 15:52 UTC
avatar dgilsanz  is currently offline dgilsanz
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Junior Member
I'm working here for summer
Hi everyone! My name is Daniela and I'm the new intern on the Shapeways Community Team. I'm looking forward to participating on the forums and helping out when I can!

[Updated on: Tue, 04 June 2013 15:55 UTC]

 Topic: hello everyone... can you help me crowdsource an idea I've had
hello everyone... can you help me crowdsource an idea I've had [message #68544] Thu, 23 May 2013 14:47 UTC
avatar Unique Plastique  is currently offline Unique Plastique
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Junior Member
Hello everyone!

I've been a member here a while, but I've been lurking Wink Anyway, I had an idea and I'm looking for people to help because it could be a big job.

Basically I'm going to 3D print a mini desktop letterpress, for ink printing typographic artwork and text. I've got an idea of how to build it, working on the model right now BUT making the type blocks is a big job. Lots of fonts, lots of sizes, two cases plus italics etc... it's big. I was wondering if anyone fancied getting involved with me on the project to create sets of type and print-block images so we can launch it as a collaborative piece of mechanical / print art?

If not, hello anyway, nice to meet you

 Topic: looking for the right CAD package
looking for the right CAD package [message #68372] Mon, 20 May 2013 19:01 UTC
avatar charonne  is currently offline charonne
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Junior Member
Hi All,

Nice to meet you Smile

Be great if you could advise what 3D software to use to help me design glass sculptures. I'm a glass artist, who sets intricate patterns inside optical glass. Over the years I've developed ways of visualising how reflections will work inside this glass prism, but feel I can make more sophisticated reliefs and optical resonance if I were to prototype with CAD.

Can you recommend which CAD package to use? Needs to be Mac OS. I'm an apple girl! who hasn't found any that is capable of rendering reflections inside the form.... As glass is both translucent and reflective, ideally I want to be able to see into the form and see the reflections in and around it.

Check out Colin Reid's glass to see the sort of thing I'm after.

Thank you.

 Topic: Hello from Myrtle Beach, SC
Hello from Myrtle Beach, SC [message #68245] Fri, 17 May 2013 15:04 UTC
avatar andrei_socivoi  is currently offline andrei_socivoi
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Junior Member
Any body else from Myrtle Beach?
 Topic: flip_ideas
flip_ideas [message #62818] Tue, 26 February 2013 11:14 UTC
avatar flip_ideas  is currently offline flip_ideas
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Junior Member
HI! Glad to be here at Shapeways.
I just want to promote my shop. Enjoy

http://www.shapeways.com/shops/http://www.shapeways.com/shop s/flip_designs
 Topic: My new shop - decorate
My new shop - decorate [message #62815] Tue, 26 February 2013 10:46 UTC
avatar kartik  is currently offline kartik
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Junior Member
Hello everyone,

Just today, created my brand new shop - Decorate. Please have a look at it - http://www.shapeways.com/shops/decorate

I will be creating a lot of stuff. Shape ways rocks !!!

 Topic: Greetings from a 3D printer junkie based in China
Greetings from a 3D printer junkie based in China [message #62694] Sun, 24 February 2013 05:07 UTC
avatar wenshidi  is currently offline wenshidi
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Junior Member
Hi everybody,

Although I am new to this forum, I am a 3D printer fervent, and have even written a short ebook on the subject.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Zach Smith (ex of Makerbot) in Shenzhen last year, who really got me interested in the subject, along with Dr Alexander Elder who was also very informative. I am sure that many of you have read his ebook on 3D printing stock investing.

With all the stock prices rising quickly after Obama's mention of 3D printing in the SOTU, I am sure that Dr Elder must be laughing all the way to the bank.

My own ebook on 3D printing looks much more from the small entrepreneur's perspective, looking at how these machines can turn a profit at home.

3D Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush - Future Factories and How to Capitalize on Distributed Manufacturing

If anybody would like a complimentary copy for review purposes then please feel free to ask. I need all the publicity help that I can get. Very Happy

 Topic: Hello. Looking for advise.
icon10.gif  Hello. Looking for advise. [message #59286] Fri, 28 December 2012 04:16 UTC
avatar Frick  is currently offline Frick
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Junior Member
Hello everyone,

My names is Jason last name is Frick. I live in Arizona but i'm originally from Michigan.

I have a career in marine aquarium sales and technology. (I sell aquarium equipment and supplies through a wholesale outfit. ) While years of dealing with aquarium equipment i have developed some ideas of my own. Specifically in filtration. That's what brings me here. I have been searching for my first printer, but there are some many choices I don't know where to begin.

I am not sure but this forum looked like a fairly neutral place, no sponsorship to one printer or owned by one certain brand.. So I thought i might be able to get a good opinion, rather than be subjected to which model. of only one brand.

I have some experience with Google Sketch Up. That is as far as my software experience goes. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

I need to buy my first printer. Here's what i would like for advise;
Easy to put together and use. dah.
A good sized printing platform (200mm x 200mm x 150mm) (8"x 8"x 6") or bigger.
Software rundown. What should i learn to use that might be the most universal and useful to me?
Resolution.? I got know idea. When it come to micron i think particles that need to be filtered out of water. LOL Any analogies or references would be helpful.
II want to build prototypes with a 3D printer for now. So i think i only need one printer head.

Thanks in advance.

 Topic: Western, Fun and Down Home on the Range
Western, Fun and Down Home on the Range [message #53857] Tue, 11 September 2012 03:29 UTC
avatar nateowens  is currently offline nateowens
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I've been around Shapeways for a few weeks, but wanted to experiment and get a few things in my shop before posting so there would be something to see. My background has been in illustration for around 30 years, and I wanted to try my hand at bringing some of the character illustrations I've done for greeting cards (Leanin' Tree) to life in a 3D format... Anyhow, I'm having fun and plan to order stuff to see how the real thing looks.

"A Young Gun" (at bottom) is one I just posted in my shop - there are others with a more humorous approach - drop by and take a look. Also visit my websites
http://www.nateowens.com and http://www.artpixelstudios.com

This is my Boogie-Woogie Piano Man caricature for the jazz fans


... and a dog caricature I did a few years back before hearing about Shapeways


"A Young Gun: Notorious Gunslinger"


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[Updated on: Tue, 11 September 2012 03:43 UTC]

Nate Owens
Portfolio: http://www.thecreativefinder.com/nateowens | illustration: http://www.artpixelstudios.com
 Topic: Hello, new to Shapeways
Hello, new to Shapeways [message #52325] Mon, 06 August 2012 14:44 UTC
avatar Matthew_Bailey  is currently offline Matthew_Bailey
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Junior Member
I am new to Shapeways, although I have known about it for a while.

And since I am back in school (at a rather late age - I'll be 50 by the time I get my degrees - two of them), I am trying to incorporate as much 3D design and 3D printing into my studies as I can (hard to do with a Cognitive Science degree, less difficult with the Cybernetics degree - I'm at UCLA).

So, it seemed natural that I join Shapeways and try to get some of the 3D models I have created produced.

If anyone can tell me which Apps are best for Shapeways, and if the models produced here can be used as production masters for white-metal casting... I'd appreciate it.

I currently know AutoCAD pretty well, but have been told there are better Applications for 3D printing.

I have been learning Mudbox and Maya as well, but they seem to be more geared for Video and Film.

I hope the file I attached is visible. It is an example of something I want to produce as a miniature, for gaming.

 Topic: Power Seller College Newbie
Power Seller College Newbie [message #52219] Wed, 01 August 2012 23:51 UTC
avatar psc14  is currently offline psc14
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Junior Member
Hello all, just joined the forum. Saw a lot of interesting stuff here and maybe I'm able to share some too along the way

 Topic: new industry, new consumption, new way of life
new industry, new consumption, new way of life [message #51696] Mon, 23 July 2012 13:07 UTC
avatar Hmbecodesign  is currently offline Hmbecodesign
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Junior Member
Hmb-ecodesign is involved in 3d printing design .We want to help development of this new industry because we are sur it is a clever consumption of goods!
Thanks to 3D printed industry the designers aim to show the new fashion of consumption We want to forget taylorism and mass production.

So we encourage the development of concepts and we accept all opinions about our objects .

We are also insteresting by partnership.

 Topic: Great site!
Great site! [message #51688] Mon, 23 July 2012 05:35 UTC
avatar ComesToLife  is currently offline ComesToLife
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Just discovered this site due to an old friend who is already a member. Will upload older works for printing and will also be designing new stuff as well.

About me: I am Maya 3D Artist with 8 years of experience in video game and commercial illustration fields. So far I only dropped one item in and that's because I know it prints well. (done it before). This site gives me a lot of inspiration and I am happy to be part of the community.

My website www.ComesToLife.com has some Robocop Models that I am will be printing as well as some mechanical stuff.

Drop me a line if you like the stuff, if you have a request or suggestion or for any other reason.


Custom 3D Art that goes beyond 3D printing
 Topic: HELLO, HALLO, Good day, Guten Tag
HELLO, HALLO, Good day, Guten Tag [message #51646] Sat, 21 July 2012 10:38 UTC
avatar JSSculptures  is currently offline JSSculptures
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Hello everyone,
My name is Jens, I am new to Shapeways and realizing the great possibilities here I had to become part of this community.
There are so many beautiful pieces here that many of you have created, which are truly inspiring to say the least.

I am first a painter and second a sculptor and third a musician. I have worked for the Warner Bros Studio's Scenic Art Department for 10 years and eventually quit to expand and start getting into sculpting. I am very fond of metal sculptures, however the old lost wax process is very expensive. Until I found 3D metal printing I wasn't able to turn my sculptures into metal.
While Shapeways' metal prices are unusually high (there are other companies that are much more reasonable) they compensate that by offering almost any common material one can have a sculpture made of.
The entire site and idea is great, backed by some powerful software!

I am working on a little series of sculptures called "Where is my Teddy?"
I sculpted the first 3 by hand in polymer clay until I found the 3D Printing Process. Since then I've been working and sculpting on the computer.

Have a look at my "Where is my Teddy?" series and let me know if you like it.
I will keep adding more pieces as time goes on.

Happy to be here with all that great and inspiring work all you guys have put out so far.
Thank you for making future reality.
Jens (Yens)

Jens Schnabel
 Topic: Just want to introduce myself
Just want to introduce myself [message #51609] Fri, 20 July 2012 09:49 UTC
avatar Mahonri Smith  is currently offline Mahonri Smith
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Junior Member
I'm getting into deisgning iPhone cases, but I'm not exactly super creative when it comes to ideas, I would love some suggestions.

I love designing celtic knot patterns, my shop has 2 cases already, one I did for my Dad with his company logo, and one inspired by my son, Phoenix (which is ready for order). check them out at shapeways.com/shops/hcase.

I would love any ideas, I am quite adept at 3D modeling and am able to incorporate anything I can think of, but would love ideas and suggestions from others. I am also willing to take custom orders, ie case style, designs, special logos, names, etc.

[Updated on: Fri, 20 July 2012 10:00 UTC]

 Topic: Hi from Chili
Hi from Chili [message #51194] Wed, 11 July 2012 23:10 UTC
avatar Serdna  is currently offline Serdna
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Junior Member
Design from the end of the world

 Topic: Hi from Holland!
Hi from Holland! [message #51118] Tue, 10 July 2012 20:04 UTC
avatar siko  is currently offline siko
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Junior Member

I am a male (born 1965) and living in the Netherlands.
Since i startet the miniature railway hobby again (midlive crisis) i discovered the possibilities of 3D-modelling and prototyping.
My first project has been send. It is a set of catanary poles from German railways in H0 (1:87). Aim is to cut expenses, because the hobby is very expensive.
Perhaps people are interested in the project. Let me know.


 Topic: Hi guys
Hi guys [message #51116] Tue, 10 July 2012 16:37 UTC
avatar PreparacionesCSC  is currently offline PreparacionesCSC
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Hi guys.

My name is Cesar, from Spain, and I´m involved about radiocontrol racing for years.

Few ago I started to design custom proyects and I think it´s time to share them with racers all around the world.

My first uploads will be the wheels my current RC bike needs. Home prototypes cyano glued don´t offer the quality people deserves so let´s go and 3D print them.

See you soon.

 Topic: Wargame Designer from Toronto, Canada saying hello!
Wargame Designer from Toronto, Canada saying hello! [message #51056] Mon, 09 July 2012 07:58 UTC
avatar Cashcleaner  is currently offline Cashcleaner
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Junior Member
Hello all! I just signed-up for Shapeways today with the hopes of meeting some 3D artists and possibly getting some commission work done for the sci-fi tabletop game I've created called EXODUS.

Below is a sample of some artwork I had made for the game:



I've been working on this project off and on for over a decade now and just haven't been able to get to the production stage due to a lack of interested sculptors and artists at my location and limited funding. Hopefully though I can find someone here who's interested in taking things to the next level.
 Topic: Hello from Minnesota
Hello from Minnesota [message #51001] Sun, 08 July 2012 17:43 UTC
avatar StrikeHard  is currently offline StrikeHard
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Junior Member
Hi - I'm Todd from Champlin Minnesota. I make tactical gear and have hit a wall in my designs due to lack of ability to create with polymers.

I'm here to find someone who would like to work on prototyping/building components for my designs.

I need to eat a bit of crow here as a few years ago on saw a video on 3D modeling and thought "big deal" well now I get it.
Perhaps my first project should be a small pie with a crow's head sticking out.

 Topic: Hello
Hello [message #50956] Sat, 07 July 2012 04:33 UTC
avatar CalvinMiller  is currently offline CalvinMiller
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Hello, My name is Calvin Miller. I am new to this forum.
 Topic: Hello there,
Hello there, [message #50774] Wed, 04 July 2012 01:12 UTC
avatar amlabret  is currently offline amlabret
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Hey there,

New to the site I am a 3d modeler and entrepreneur/business consultant really excited about this site and the service it offers this is right up my alley.

Very refreshing and awesome to see the difference new startups like this are making using new technologies pretty cool stuff!


Andrew Labret
 Topic: Hello from a retired Kodak engineer
Hello from a retired Kodak engineer [message #50707] Mon, 02 July 2012 14:10 UTC
avatar AAK_AAK  is currently offline AAK_AAK
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Hello to the Shapeway community. I've been retired for over six years now. I wrote a small text on Random dot stereograms in the early 90s when that art form was popular. That got me interested in 3D objects and all the various file formats for describing such. Now with much more time to devote and a nice CAD system to play with, the closet 3D designer has come out to build new things. A best description of most of my work can currently be found on the july 2, 2012 posting on the Sanibel island blog. It is at this link-

and describes the seashells that I've been making at Shapeways. Other favorite hobbies include kayaking, biking, kites, and playing with fast vehicles on ice. Enjoy. -Andy
 Topic: Building a robotic hand
Building a robotic hand [message #50635] Sat, 30 June 2012 01:00 UTC
avatar Anthromod  is currently offline Anthromod
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Junior Member
Hi. I've been working on a series of robotic hands, that are 3d printed. You may have seen my work featured on shapeways, on the blog boingboing, or a few others.


I've moved from designing parts that are screwed together (Mk1), to parts that are printed in place (Mk2). I have recently started an indiegogo campaign in order to try and fund my Mk3 hand.

One thing that may appeal to fellow shapeways users is that I intend to make the covers for the hand open for anyone to design their own versions. This way you could design whatever style you like, whilst knowing that it can still move afterwards.
You can make the hand look human, robotic, alien etc etc.

If you're interested in this project, and want to see just how far we can push 3D printing, then take a look at the indiegogo campaign. Show anyone that you think may be interested.

Also the campaign video isn't the best. My partner gave birth and I haven't had time to put together something better. I plan to update it as the design work comes along.
 Topic: Hello
Hello [message #50373] Tue, 26 June 2012 10:05 UTC
avatar Johnbattelle  is currently offline Johnbattelle
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Hello Everyone, My name is John Battelle. I am new in this forum.
 Topic: hello,i'm Alain
icon12.gif  hello,i'm Alain [message #50366] Tue, 26 June 2012 06:07 UTC
avatar theotormonfr  is currently offline theotormonfr
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Junior Member
I am new to Shapeways!!
Glad to be here!

 Topic: Hello 3D world! I am the guy designed the tiny car on Objet blog
icon7.gif  Hello 3D world! I am the guy designed the tiny car on Objet blog [message #50177] Fri, 22 June 2012 05:23 UTC
avatar David Sun  is currently offline David Sun
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Junior Member
Hello everyone,

I am really happy to learn the existence of ShapeWays. Everyone is unique and artistically talented. This is totally different than the Mechanical engineering world that I came from. I wish to share my design experience with everyone.

My area of focus will be designing inseparatable assemblies -- moveable interconnected parts printed together in single process. Feel free to leave me a message at the Sunny Factory, or the "tiny car with moving wheels and opening doors" model. The car models are also described on blog.objet.com

David Sun

Sunny D
 Topic: Hi
Hi [message #49982] Mon, 18 June 2012 21:10 UTC
avatar Eureka  is currently offline Eureka
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Junior Member
Since i am more of a robot than a human being, i follow commands. The command was to say "hi".


Instruction followed and completed.

[Updated on: Mon, 18 June 2012 21:13 UTC]

 Topic: Hi, I'm Jesse!
Hi, I'm Jesse! [message #49779] Wed, 13 June 2012 16:05 UTC
avatar 3dcreationsllc  is currently offline 3dcreationsllc
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Junior Member
I'm new to the site and I wanted to meet you all. I'm a 3D printing fanatic, owner of a MendelMax 1.5, Solidoodle and a souped up Printrbot. I'm a bot farmer of the MendelMax, and I will soon be selling high-quality parts kits on my website 3dcreationsllc.com.

Nice to meet you all!

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 Topic: Hello from North Carolina
Hello from North Carolina [message #49594] Sun, 10 June 2012 00:04 UTC
avatar decimoq  is currently offline decimoq
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Junior Member
I have a friend who is designing items here and I am looking around.
 Topic: Bushwick Open Studio jewelry exhibit.
Bushwick Open Studio jewelry exhibit. [message #49363] Mon, 04 June 2012 00:57 UTC
avatar MODbot  is currently offline MODbot
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My jewelry exhibition at Bushwick Open Studios this past weekend - June 2. All the jewelry is 3D modeled and printed at shapeways.

Thanks shapeways for making it possible!

also please check out my shop on here - Susan Marie.

 Topic: Hi from Scotland
Hi from Scotland [message #48443] Tue, 15 May 2012 14:50 UTC
avatar BigStu13  is currently offline BigStu13
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Junior Member
Hi to the Shapeways community.

My name I Stuart, i currently use Sketchup to create parts for 1:24 scale model emergency vehicles. Mostly i build Fire Engines, but i have been known to dabble in sci-fi models.

Thanks, Stuart
 Topic: Hello
Hello [message #48340] Sun, 13 May 2012 18:00 UTC
avatar japharl  is currently offline japharl
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My Mom liked the pendant that I created for her... Smile Thanks!
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