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 Topic: A pendant for the ones you love the most!
icon12.gif  A pendant for the ones you love the most! [message #42516] Sun, 22 January 2012 23:09 UTC
avatar GADesign  is currently offline GADesign
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Senior Member
Take a look at my Models!
I'd love to hear some comments..

If it doesn't look good it's not designed by us.
 Topic: BranchBirdie Ring ^_^
BranchBirdie Ring ^_^ [message #41948] Sat, 14 January 2012 17:32 UTC
avatar tiny purple treehouse  is currently offline tiny purple treehouse
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And my new BranchBirdie Ring ♥


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adorable 3D-printed jewelry
 Topic: Girl Robot Ring ^_^
Girl Robot Ring ^_^ [message #41947] Sat, 14 January 2012 17:30 UTC
avatar tiny purple treehouse  is currently offline tiny purple treehouse
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My new Girl Robot Ring ♥


[Updated on: Sat, 14 January 2012 17:30 UTC]

adorable 3D-printed jewelry
 Topic: Batarang!!!!!!!!!!!
Batarang!!!!!!!!!!! [message #41645] Tue, 10 January 2012 22:20 UTC
avatar FreakingRiddle  is currently offline FreakingRiddle
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This is the famous weapon of the superhero Batman, Batarang, based on the movie "The dark knight"!
Screenshot of the movie.



A batarang is a roughly bat-shaped throwing weapon used by the DC Comics superhero Batman. The name is a portmanteau of bat and boomerang, and was originally spelled baterang. Although they are named after boomerangs, batarangs have become more like shuriken in recent interpretations. They have since become a staple of Batman's arsenal, appearing in every major Batman television and movie adaptation to date. Recent interpretations of the Dark Knight finds additional motivation to use the batarang as a ranged attack (alternative to firearms, which he rejects outright due to the circumstances of his parents' murder) and is used primarily to knock guns out of an assailant's hand.

Here are the screenshots of the 3D printed model!

Check the model HERE or click the image below to see all the products at my shop!

My FB shop's page :
 Topic: Silver Green Hornet Mask Ring
Silver Green Hornet Mask Ring [message #40873] Wed, 28 December 2011 22:01 UTC
avatar lensman  is currently offline lensman
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Shapie Expert
I would like my silver mask ring to be considered for promotion in the Friday Finds section of the Blog... 2&#msg_40872


Glenn ------ My Website Third Dimension Jewellery
 Topic: Nautilus Ceramic Coffee Cup
Nautilus Ceramic Coffee Cup [message #40769] Mon, 26 December 2011 23:22 UTC
avatar SaGaDesign  is currently offline SaGaDesign
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Hi guys,
I brought this cup to a couple of Shapeways meetup events and it was quite well appreciated, so I was hoping you guys could list it as a featured product.

My shapeways shop address is:

Thanks, and happy holidays to you all!!

-Saad Alayyoubi
SaGa Design
 Topic: jewelry as ornamental structure
jewelry as ornamental structure [message #40480] Mon, 19 December 2011 18:11 UTC
avatar kevinweinewyork  is currently offline kevinweinewyork
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Junior Member
Thanks for taking a look!
I used to design buildings. Now I create in the domain of art jewelry.
More photos on my Shapeways shop:


Happy Holidays!

 Topic: Irish Cup!
Irish Cup! [message #40360] Fri, 16 December 2011 15:53 UTC
avatar PavilionSky  is currently offline PavilionSky
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Junior Member
Hi All!

Pavilion Sky have just uploaded the ultimate Irish cup - with a twist!

It's a bit of fun and will put a smile on the face of anyone who receives this as a gift!

PS. The link to my shop is

I will be uploading more products in the next week or two.

Enjoy and happy Christmas!

Pavilion Sky

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 Topic: Hollow Heads !
Hollow Heads ! [message #40333] Thu, 15 December 2011 22:19 UTC
avatar Spacetime  is currently offline Spacetime
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Just launched a new co-creator project called Hollow Heads, you can check them out here----> ug

I'm really looking forward to getting this rolling and start creating some. Who knows maybe Bart or Ana might want one????

Very Happy
 Topic: Nautilus SeaShell
Nautilus SeaShell [message #40284] Thu, 15 December 2011 07:59 UTC
avatar INNERLEAF  is currently offline INNERLEAF
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We created this Nautilus Shell in Lightwave and printed it in Sandstone from Shapeways and would love to have it featured on your site.

I also created a stand for it

[Updated on: Thu, 15 December 2011 08:20 UTC]

 Topic: Ball Jointed Doll
Ball Jointed Doll [message #40281] Thu, 15 December 2011 06:12 UTC
avatar Silverbeam  is currently offline Silverbeam
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Senior Member
Ball jointed dolls, or bjd for short, are a popular collectors item over in Asia. Just like Pokemon, and anime, the trend has spread it's influence all over the world. Now it shows it's side in 3D printing. With the versatility of modeling in 3D, Sculpting a doll has become a new way to create these specific type of dolls.

I myself have started my own line of dolls I call Littlings, due to their small size. So far the line has been fantasy based, but I have been surprised with the detail and flexibilty shapeways has offered in helping to create these little cuties.

See more in my shop!

 Topic: Custom words w/ base
Custom words w/ base [message #40160] Mon, 12 December 2011 23:51 UTC
avatar bubby9534  is currently offline bubby9534
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Junior Member
Get any text of your choosing printed in Magneto font. The text sits on a base. It is quite simple but you could get your name or favorite saying and such printed. I hope you like!


By the way I love the chain bowl by Spacetime.

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 Topic: CRYSTAL - Earrings
CRYSTAL - Earrings [message #39836] Mon, 05 December 2011 14:55 UTC
avatar ColorsofBirch  is currently offline ColorsofBirch
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Junior Member
Here's the perfect christmas gift for the special one!
Last days to order!!!


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 Topic: Africa
Africa [message #39733] Fri, 02 December 2011 11:23 UTC
avatar growthobjects  is currently offline growthobjects
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Junior Member
Hi everybody,

We launch a gift for this holiday seasonal time, a receptacle for twelve grapes for the New Year's Eve, made with Glazed ceramics and silver.

More info about "twelve grapes" tradition (Source: Wikipedia)
*The Twelve Grapes (Sp. Las doce uvas de la suerte, "The twelve grapes of luck") is a Spanish tradition that dates back from at least 1895 but become consolidated in 1909. The tradition consists in eating a grape with each bell strike at midnight of December 31. According to the tradition, that leads to a year of prosperity. Each grape is eaten with each beat of the bell. This tradition was adopted also by places with a broad cultural relation with Spain such as Mexico and other Latin American countries, as well as Hispanic communities in the United States. Countries as far as the Philippines have adopted the tradition.*

Of course, the piece also could be used for other appetizers or desserts: olives, frozen chocolates truffles,....It's modular and stackable.

Working the 3D shape we saw the resulting form as the perimeter of the African continent, and then we thought the idea of launching the product with a solidary approach, earmarking 12 euros for each sold piece to a Non Govermental Organitzation for the fight against hunger in Africa! id=ug

...or 120 euros in silver. d=sg63286

We believe as an opportunity to launch this social campaign through Shapeways (we don't found other product in Shapeways shop with solidary approach, is true?)

We would like ask you about our initiative and receive your feedback. We greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards!

 Topic: illusion iPhone Case 4/4S
illusion iPhone Case 4/4S [message #39621] Wed, 30 November 2011 23:03 UTC
avatar kspaho  is currently offline kspaho
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Senior Member
Hello Shapies,

My latest design for iphone 4/4S case.html?gid=mg

[Updated on: Wed, 30 November 2011 23:13 UTC]

 Topic: Bucephalus Horse in silver
Bucephalus Horse in silver [message #38869] Sat, 19 November 2011 04:04 UTC
avatar lensman  is currently offline lensman
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Shapie Expert
Could you feature this model, please.

This was a custom requested piece that has proven to be my best seller, for some reason. It is a miniature statue of Alexander the Great's horse, Bucephalus, and was given as a gift in the movie "The Black Stallion"

Shown here in silver.

Oh, and the photograph was taken by Shapeways, so any complaints don't come to me! Very Happy



Glenn ------ My Website Third Dimension Jewellery
 Topic: Growthobjects
Growthobjects [message #38809] Fri, 18 November 2011 12:39 UTC
avatar growthobjects  is currently offline growthobjects
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Junior Member
New objects for this holiday season that are created, grown, and made digitally!!


 Topic: Hilbert curve
Hilbert curve [message #38792] Fri, 18 November 2011 02:05 UTC
avatar henryseg  is currently offline henryseg
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I recently discovered some new uses for this Hilbert curve as an accessory, as well as a sculpture. This subforum only allows single images (why?!), so I've put up a post showing the others in the "It arrived!" section.


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 Topic: Nautilus Sugar Skull
Nautilus Sugar Skull [message #38790] Fri, 18 November 2011 01:25 UTC
avatar SheilaMunro  is currently offline SheilaMunro
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Please Feature my Nautilus Sugar Skull design. Smile I have set the prices for the upcoming Holiday season.

Available in Small, Medium & Large. It's the second-most popular item in my shop so far with hardly any views.


Here's a video of the model I made: _small.html?gid=ug


[Updated on: Fri, 18 November 2011 01:26 UTC]

 Topic: Superstrings puzzle
Superstrings puzzle [message #38708] Wed, 16 November 2011 22:56 UTC
avatar richgain  is currently offline richgain
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This two piece cube is one of my best achievements in original puzzle design and really hasn't had the recognition it deserved. I used this as my first ever entry in the annual international puzzle competition and was delighted to received one of the Jury First Prizes at the International Puzzle Party in Berlin in August.
Superstrings puzzle
I have investigated many different possibilities for manufacturing this design including modular assembly, metal casting and computer controlled milling. Only Shapeways 3D printing service was able to deliver the right mechanical strength at an affordable price.

Richard Gain

"a wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles"
Röyksopp - Remind Me
 Topic: BLACK ROSE Collection
BLACK ROSE Collection [message #38699] Wed, 16 November 2011 20:08 UTC
avatar DarioScapittaDesign  is currently offline DarioScapittaDesign
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Senior Member
The brand new collection for your Holiday season! ml?gid=sg103900

BLACK ROSE Collection, composed by: Necklace, Armband and Earrings.


You can find any singular piece in the shop.

[Updated on: Wed, 16 November 2011 20:32 UTC]

Dario Scapitta Design
 Topic: My loving ring for the lovers
My loving ring for the lovers [message #38689] Wed, 16 November 2011 17:05 UTC
avatar joie  is currently offline joie
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Hi there;

Now my "Loving ring" is more stylized, so it will fit quite cool in your girlfriend's finger Smile

Visit my blog at
 Topic: Wearable Planters
Wearable Planters [message #38670] Wed, 16 November 2011 06:02 UTC
avatar colleenjordan  is currently offline colleenjordan
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Junior Member
3d printed jewelry to carry plants!

No green thumb required.
 Topic: Heart Ornament
Heart Ornament [message #38669] Wed, 16 November 2011 05:31 UTC
avatar TurtlesAreCool  is currently offline TurtlesAreCool
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Senior Member
After looking through my collection of models, some of which I still have not photographed properly, I think this is the one which has the best picture.

The Heart Ornament has been printed twice now. The second time, the polishing was sub-par, but the print itself has been great both times. d=ug
 Topic: Purses and Bags
Purses and Bags [message #38661] Wed, 16 November 2011 01:26 UTC
avatar vertigopolka  is currently offline vertigopolka
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I've recently posted the recloseable purses in "It's Arrived." Now, here's all of my mesh bags and purses in one shot.
VertigoPolka: bags and purses section


 Topic: My first minisculpture project: VERBUM (personalize it!)
My first minisculpture project: VERBUM (personalize it!) [message #36580] Thu, 13 October 2011 12:10 UTC
avatar Lindsley60  is currently offline Lindsley60
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Junior Member
My first sculpture project arrives (VERBUM 2, Alumide, 10 cm). The material is beautiful and detailed, Shapeways rocks.
You can personalize this project. See my shop:

Unfortunatly, UPS really sucks! I have to pay 150% of taxes! When I buy from Deal Extreme, from international air mail (30 days waiting), I don´t have to pay NOTHING, zero! Sadly, with UPS I can´t import from Shapeways anymore...


 Topic: Japanese kunai
Japanese kunai [message #32698] Mon, 15 August 2011 07:27 UTC
avatar denwy8  is currently offline denwy8
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Junior Member

I have made a japanese kunai, and the edges are really pointy hope it doesn't kill anyone. haha. Please check it out Confused

Japanese Kunai model

Industrial Designer and aspiring writer.
 Topic: Dark Minion Fremble v4
Dark Minion Fremble v4 [message #31479] Mon, 25 July 2011 12:08 UTC
avatar TreadshotA1  is currently offline TreadshotA1
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Her'e's the chronology for y'all:
1) I designed and released WFC Fremble Minion v3.
2) Fakebusker came along with Thugger, and showed me up.
3) Out of Spite, i upgrade mine to Dark Minion Fremble v4. 8&#msg_31468

I'm very proud of this guy, as he finally corrects so many of the problems from v3, and also incorporates laser Piledrivers which work with WFC Soundwave and a multitude of other Transformers. I kept the design simple, for maximum durability, and the model came out solid. I'd appreciate if Shapeways could feature this!


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 Topic: Formula De Miniatures in Stainless Steel
Formula De Miniatures in Stainless Steel [message #31351] Fri, 22 July 2011 16:41 UTC
avatar aegidian  is currently offline aegidian
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Senior Member 1351

(edited to avoid double posting to 'It Arrived')

[Updated on: Fri, 22 July 2011 17:26 UTC]

 Topic: First ring
icon3.gif  First ring [message #31292] Thu, 21 July 2011 12:06 UTC
avatar AnniOnOffis  is currently offline AnniOnOffis
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Junior Member
my first ring is a double ring in a chain formation that you have to lock together before wearing. l?gid=ug
I made 17 different sizes for it. All of them modelled separately rather than scaled. So each size has a different quality to it.

[Updated on: Thu, 21 July 2011 12:06 UTC]

…the remedy for that sickness of the arts which I
in common with many others feel so deeply
must be the giving of a new life to the people.
-- William Morris
 Topic: Signets
Signets [message #30326] Thu, 07 July 2011 02:49 UTC
avatar CoreyC  is currently offline CoreyC
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I recently decided to start up a business based around some custom signets I was toying with (stamps for wax seals). To my knowledge, this would be the first time a signet style item has been made from shapeways (or at least co-creator), with the closest being Museum of Small Things branding iron. Just something I hope would fit in a 'Friday Finds' post. Very Happy

Introduction post in the 'It Arrived' forum: mp;a mp;start=0&

Product Page:

Edit: Now in FUD too!

[Updated on: Fri, 08 July 2011 02:47 UTC]

 Topic: Sebastian's Voodoo
Sebastian's Voodoo [message #29741] Sun, 26 June 2011 20:38 UTC
avatar virtox  is currently offline virtox
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Shapie Expert
Sebastian's Voodoo by Joabaldwin

Love the fact, that the statue came straight from the source/film Smile

- Artist / Engineer / Designer / Shopowner / Volunteer / Moderator -
 Topic: My latest products!
My latest products! [message #27183] Mon, 09 May 2011 17:11 UTC
avatar goncalocampos  is currently offline goncalocampos
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Junior Member
I've recently began setting up my own shapeways shop. I'm a member since 2009, but never really used the shop, even if I ordered plenty of items for myself...

I'm trying to set up the shop the right way, with nice pictures of the products, even in several materials...

I've started the jewelry line, but want to branch into table acessories, like candleholders etc... to come in a near future...

I'd love to have the chance for a better exposure of my work as a reward for my the dedication I've given to my shop!

My shop is called comion, so it's easy to remember and kind of reflects the look of the objects, kind of computer generated technology look

Comments and suggestions are also very welcome!


[Updated on: Mon, 09 May 2011 17:14 UTC]

 Topic: Sprinter Lighttrain
Sprinter Lighttrain [message #24799] Sat, 12 March 2011 15:35 UTC
avatar Jettuh  is currently offline Jettuh
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NS Sprinter Lighttrain in 1:87

The Sprinter Lighttrain or SLT is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train type operated by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen in The Netherlands. They were built from 2007 Bombardier (2400) and Siemens (2600). For the original type of Sprinter, see NS Stadsgewestelijk Materieel.

The printed model is covered with decals, this makes it easier for people to build there own SLT.
The only things that are painted are the white and grey/black, the rest are decals.

Decals can soon (hopefully) be found at the website of Kees-Jan ( )
At the moment the decals aren't finished yet.

The BR423 from Roco is used as chassis for this SLT!
Fits good!

Please note that the upper grey should be light grey instead the dark grey that is shown in the picture!

Extra info:

The SLT is designed to replace the Mat '64 trains from the 1960s and 1970s. The first 35 sets were ordered in 2005 and the first set, 2402 arrived in January 2008. The second set, 2602 arrived in February 2008 and both were used on test runs. In September 2007 NS ordered a further 64 sets, and these started arriving in The Netherlands in mid 2009. In 2009 a further 32 were ordered. The trains use regenarative braking, which puts electricity back into the electric supply when they brake.
The trains are based on the DB Class 425 design, but made to meet the demands of the Sprinter. They use Jacobs bogie, which allow for thin and wide gangways between each coach. The units were built in Aachen (2400) and Krefeld (2600).

The real thing:
picture by Marc

[Updated on: Wed, 16 March 2011 18:24 UTC]

 Topic: Combination Heart Necklace
Combination Heart Necklace [message #24466] Sat, 05 March 2011 00:45 UTC
avatar Charmed_Life_Designs  is currently offline Charmed_Life_Designs
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Senior Member
Ordinary half-heart necklaces will fit with any others of the same brand. Boring! Each Combination Heart Necklace has a different lock pattern generated from random numbers, ensuring only your set will fit together. Add your initials, and the result is a 100% unique gift that will be treasured!


This one was printed in White Detail and stuck in a cup of strong Chai tea for several hours to give it a nice finish.

[Updated on: Sat, 28 May 2011 05:55 UTC]

When in doubt... Duct tape!
 Topic: Pendant: Linked Fractal Shell
Pendant: Linked Fractal Shell [message #21575] Mon, 13 December 2010 00:40 UTC
avatar unellenu  is currently offline unellenu
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Senior Member
Pendant: Linked Fractal Shell

Product page l_shell_1.html?gid=ug56271


 Topic: Designer SnowBauble
Designer SnowBauble [message #21304] Mon, 06 December 2010 02:41 UTC
avatar TerraCotta  is currently offline TerraCotta
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Since I have pictures up now, it would awesome if you would feature my Designer SnowBauble, a version of which was a runner-up for the Shapeways Christmas contest:


Jeff Coleman
Terra Cotta Personal Fabricators

 Topic: WavePad for iPad
icon3.gif  WavePad for iPad [message #20753] Fri, 19 November 2010 20:43 UTC
avatar dizingof  is currently offline dizingof
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Shapie Expert

This is the my latest design - The WavePad for iPad - A stylish 3 tilted positions stand for iPad.

Video clip :


[Updated on: Sun, 24 April 2011 21:20 UTC]
 Topic: bathroom santa
bathroom santa [message #20445] Fri, 12 November 2010 19:42 UTC
avatar MichaelMilano  is currently offline MichaelMilano
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Hi Shapeways,

I was wondering if you would consider putting the Bathroom Santa! on the mainpage to promote it for the Christmas season. It may be a little too risque for the site, but I was trying to think of a fun, reasonably priced co-creator for the holiday season. id=ug30774

Thanks! mike



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 Topic: My 100th Dice Design !
My 100th Dice Design ! [message #19984] Tue, 02 November 2010 18:54 UTC
avatar dizingof  is currently offline dizingof
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Shapie Expert
Just uploaded my 155 Dice designs !


Hope to grow this collection more in the coming months.


[Updated on: Sun, 24 April 2011 21:30 UTC]
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