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Bic Lighter Branding Iron - 1 Inch Square
niquegeek @klund1215 Nope, the image can be any size, just needs to be smaller than 2000 pixels, it will size down automatically when you upload it, you'll see a preview image of what the 3D model looks like to verify. Also be sure to mirror your image!
niquegeek @cigamman It's definitely not designed to work that way, it's supposed to snap over the metal guard, it's a pretty tight fit, but that's so the brand doesn't move when you use it. If you want you can send me a message via the shapeways forums and I can give you my address to send it to me and I'll see if I can get it to fit for you. Maybe yours is defective some how? If it is I'll make you a new one, no charge!
niquegeek @cigamman It says that you need to mirror the image in the listing, did you read the listing? It's in big BOLD writing. Also, you definitely don't need to remove the metal guard, you snap it over the guard, just like in the photos, did you look at the photos?
Bic Lighter Branding Iron - 1 1/4" X 3/4"
niquegeek @rjfierce1 I didn't have any troubles with it, I wonder if Shapeways was having server issues at the time?
niquegeek @GerardBegon Here is the image I used:
niquegeek @GerardBegon There might be something wrong with your file, I took a screenshot of it and uploaded it without issue. Maybe try the one I'm attaching.
niquegeek @GerardBegon Hmm, that's odd, usually you just click upload and then you wait a few seconds and it shows the preview, can you verify that your image is under 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels?
Customizable Bottle Opening Ring - Size 9
niquegeek @mattberstecher32 No problem! Here is a link to it! Let me know if you have any issues with it! -James
niquegeek @mattberstecher32 Hi, no I just have to set up other sizes! Just takes time for each ring size and Shapeways is getting close to releasing some new features that would let designers combine sizes, so I've been being lazy. What size do you need? I'll set it up for you!
niquegeek commented on Luke Skywalker Light Saber Pendant by niquegeek
December 3, 2015
Luke Skywalker Light Saber Pendant
niquegeek @Len2341 Lol well I'm glad you're getting one! :) I love mine, I need to make more!!
niquegeek @Len2341 I think that image is actually Luke's, well it is if you look at the diagram I linked to earlier, so either the person who made that diagram is wrong or whoever created the link you just posted named it wrong :) If you google it, most people agree, Luke's has the gold end and square button:
niquegeek @Len2341 They look similar don't they? This is Luke's afaik... I based it off of this diagram, you'll notice that Obi Wan's has 2 round buttons and Lukes has one large square button, like the pendant.
niquegeek commented on Aquaman Belt Buckle by niquegeek
September 18, 2015
Aquaman Belt Buckle
niquegeek @tiger_cub684 Shapeways will either print your order in New York or the Netherlands, depending on where you are. Usually they can print and ship within 10-14 days, but it depends on the materials, you'll get a quote when you add something to your cart, you can always remove it if you want to! :) Hope that helps! -James
niquegeek @akm_06 Hi! I just made it available in all of the steel options, though it's a bit pricey! Also if you go to the very last image above (hit the right arrow next to the small images) it is a 3D view that lets you see the back.
niquegeek @GL2814 That sounds pretty cool! Is it the same logo, do you have any images?
Assassins Necklace Pendant - 1 1/2 Inch
niquegeek @pico725


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