Lego Spike-Spear Extender (Really Works!)

Lego Spike-Spear Extender (Really Works!) 3d printed Figurines Desk Toys
This is a spear-like weapon for use by Lego Figurines. The handle will fit into the hand of a Lego MiniFigure, in fact, I'm excited to receive mine! It's hard to see in the photo, but the spear does in fact slide up and down, using the rectangular knob that sticks out of the side. There is also a lock-mechanism at the top of the slider-tunnel, which you can slide the knob into, in order to lock the spear at full mast! :D This is my favorite Figurine so far!
cm: 0.396 w x 0.41 d x 3.45 h
in: 0.156 w x 0.161 d x 1.358 h


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