Lego-compatible planet gear carrier

Lego-compatible planet gear carrier 3d printed Games Toys

This Lego-compatible planet gear carrier is a companion to my 40-teeth ring gear.

It allows for many configurations of epicyclic gearings:
  • 8-teeth sun gear and 3x 16-teeth planet gears for a 1:6 ratio
  • 16-teeth sun gear and 3x 12-teeth planet gears for a 1:4 ratio
  • 24-teeth sun gear and 3x 8-teeth planet gears for a 3:8 ratio

  • Because of the 3D printing process, holes can be a little bit tight when you receive your print. Corners of the central hole in particular may require to be cleared with a utility knife or a file before an axle can be inserted.
    Rounded holes will eventually wear off but you can also help that by rotating an axle in them or using a file.
    The 3 cross holes for bearing 16-teeth planet gears are a bit lose. Sandwiching the gears with a secondary planet carrier (that is, the one with a rounded central hole !) might help keeping the axles in place.

    cm: 3.79 w x 0.38 d x 3.56 h
    in: 1.492 w x 0.15 d x 1.402 h


    • White Strong & Flexible

      White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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