1 Lunaro Sterling 2013, age of aquarius, coin

1 Lunaro Sterling 2013, age of aquarius, coin 3d printed Jewelry Robotics
For all supporters of Space Exploration and for all the allies of Team PlanB, who would like to own and use authentic silver Lunar Money. 2013. 28.7g; .925 silver alloy; 0.85 ASW (0.85 troy ounce Actual Silver Weight); diameter 40.4 mm; thickness 3. mm; edge with the text "legal tender". Subject: Google Lunar XPRIZE. Obverse: nominal "1 Lunaro", with text" age of Aquarius", designer: Yuri Savenkov. Reverse: The far side of the Moon, 28 stars, text 2013, designer: Universe. Coin produced by 3D printing technology only. By each ?unaro Sterling we can afford to be closer to the lunar surface. see: http://www.adobri.com/ProjectSupport.aspx
cm: 4.12 w x 4.12 d x 0.308 h
in: 1.622 w x 1.622 d x 0.121 h


  • Raw Silver

    Sterling silver mechanically polished to reveal classic beauty and slight texture.


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