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iLED deco

iLED deco 3d printed For Your Home Lighting iLED deco
iLED deco
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  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.


iLED deco can be used anyway you want. Opqrstu3D designed it as a holder for a small led (no power led!), the hole for the led is 8 mm. When you print in heat resistent material: put the iLED deco gadget upside down and use it to burn tea-lights. And if your eggs are big enough, put an egg in the spiral. Printable in Strong & Flexible Plastic, Detail Acrylic or Precious Metal.


IN: 3.601 w x 3.601 d x 3.601 h
CM: 9.146 w x 9.146 d x 9.326 h