GoPro Magnetic mount ( No back mount)

GoPro Magnetic mount ( No back mount) 3d printed
This piece is originally part of a kit designed to mount any model of GoPro camera on your clothes, walls, windows, backpack, paraglider, kite, sails , car, boat, motorcycle....

It contains only the top mount - See other complete kit in my shop for more details and mounting instructions
You will have to reuse the screw and bolt from your regular gopro mount
Requires separate purchase of 3 Rare Earth Disc Magnets (Neodymium) 1in Diameter x 1/8 in think ( ~$1 each on ebay or
Pick any grade above N40
This mount alone with the magnets installed can be used on ferrous surfaces (car, motor cycle, beams, door frames)
See complete kit with back mount for use on non-ferrous supports

All profits (~8$ for each purchase) are be donated to the Wings of Kilimanjaro charity project: Thanks for helping our cause.
cm: 11.084 w x 9.988 d x 2.158 h
in: 4.364 w x 3.932 d x 0.85 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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