IKEA Jansjo steelworks adapter

IKEA Jansjo steelworks adapter 3d printed For Your Home Lighting
This Part mates the Jansjö lamp to Steelworks or other material with holes on 1-inch centers, freeing up desk/workbench space that would otherwise be taken by desk lamp(s). Having the lamps anchored solidly also makes repositioning a one-handed affair.
The angle iron on this bench has 0.4" holes for 5/16" bolts. 5/16" was a bit beefy for this little part and I already had a nice-fitting hex-head recess for 1/4" bolts, so I used that. The result is that the bolt fit in the holes is sloppy, but the protrusion in the center of the back of the part engages a 0.4" hole snugly and holds the part in position. The holes are slightly below center to match the alignment of the angle iron and look more aesthetically pleasing. The hole on the end is a somewhat frivolous and not too well thought-out cable grommet so you can feed the Janjsö's power cord through it. Unfortunately there's a switch and a big plug on the cord so to feed it through the hole you need to cut and splice the cable. It's low-voltage so there's not much safety risk, but you do have to get the polarity right since this is after all an LED lamp.

Ikea Jansjö Lamp Mount by JuliaDee is licensed under the Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons license. Ikea Jansjö Lamp Mount (JuliaDee) / CC BY-SA 3.0
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cm: 9.526 w x 2.858 d x 1.428 h
in: 3.75 w x 1.125 d x 0.562 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.