Slim minimalistic Wallet with money clip

  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


Hi guys while trying to model an android case similar to my iphone case i came out with a cool little wallet that can hold you up till i get the android case is done.. This ultra Slim and minimalistic case is waterproof, sweat proof, small, portable, has a money clip, and holds 2 credit cards and 1 I.D. If you want to incorporate this to your existing phone case// all you need is a flat back and some strong double sided tape This Wallet is perfect to minimalistic people that need to carry as little as possible. This is a perfect wallet for cyclist and runners since it's only a bit bigger than .25 inches including credit cards. This is like the carbon fiber version of a wallet for all of your minimalistic needs. The only Difference between this one and the other wallet in my store is that this one doesn't have a gap for the bottle opener.


IN: 2.283 w x 2.283 d x 2.283 h
CM: 5.8 w x 9.56 d x 1.02 h