Macetech Megabrite Mount v2.2

Macetech Megabrite Mount v2.2 3d printed Maker/DIY 3D Printed Hacks, Mods and Mounts
This is a mount for the Macetech Megabrite LED Module. The square base is designed to be screwed to a wall or other surface, or directly to a PC fan, allowing cooling for the module if heat is a problem. With a size 6-32 screw and nut, the elbow joint allows for over 180 degrees of rotation. The hexagonal stem fits snugly into the base and can be removed and rotated to angle the light in almost any direction. Three size 2 screws hold the module to the mount.

Please note: LED Module and screws/nuts not included. Module can be purchased at
and hardware can be readily found at any hardware store.

New in v2.2: The green power port is no longer covered by the mount. The mount wraps around the rear of the power port and allows for an external power supply to be used to power the module.

cm: 11.73 w x 3.236 d x 4.95 h
in: 4.618 w x 1.274 d x 1.949 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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