Rhombic18 Puzzle set B

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is "set B". You will also need to purchase "Rhombic18 puzzle set A" for a complete puzzle. This is easiest to do by using the "Add Set to Cart" button below.

The Rhombic18 puzzle is a face and vertex turning rhombic dodecahedron with 18 axes of rotation. 12 axes go through the faces of the puzzle, and the other 6 axes go through the four-sided vertexes. Rhombic18 can also jumble if the faces are turned at less than 180 degrees.

Rhombic18 comes as a DIY kit of parts, and you will need to supply your own stickers. The templates for the stickers are available in the instructions forum.

I recommend that unless you are familiar with the process of dyeing these parts, you purchase the puzzle in "Black Strong & Flexible". It costs a bit more than the white material, but it's worth it since the finished puzzle will look and work better. Rhombic18 also requires screws and springs to assemble. These can be purchased through a few different online puzzle sellers. The ones I used came from this shop. You'll need two sets of screws (12 total).

Please be sure to also order "Rhombic18 puzzle set A", otherwise you will not have all the parts required! This is easiest to do by using the "Add Set to Cart" button below.

Have fun!

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IN: 4.468 w x 4.468 d x 4.468 h
CM: 11.348 w x 3.744 d x 6.456 h