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Grayscale Lamp

Grayscale Lamp 3d printed Personalize your own For Your Home Main
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Customise this lampshade with your favourite pictures (originally created as an entry for the Shapeways ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair competition)

The resolution the model can show is 100 x 50 pixels (as in the illustration: 100 around the lamp and 50 down), please don't pre-process your photos too much but if you want to get it in the right proportions make sure it's twice as wide as it is high - I'll do the rest for you.  I can provide you with a 2D preview of how the photo will turn out before you order - please mail me at

You'll also need to specify the nominal mounting ring internal diameter, the ring itself is 4mm thick.


IN: 8.057 w x 8.057 d x 8.057 h
CM: 20.466 w x 27.5 d x 20.466 h