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I Ching Dice Pendant Version 2

I Ching Dice Pendant Version 2 3d printed Jewelry Pendants I Ching Pendant Photo 1
I Ching Pendant Photo 1
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  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Now you can carry a fortune telling I-Ching die with you wherever you go!  
This 8-Sided die is hollow and can be worn as an attractive pendant. It ships with a 23" black necklace with a bayonet lock and is ready to wear, or roll!

Recommended in Stainless Steel, gold, Alumide or Bronze.

Reading your fortune using the I Ching: Roll the die twice (or once with 2 die) make a note of the trigrams from each roll, when stacked over the top of each other they create one of the 64 Hexagrams that will answer your question. The following website is a handy resource for interpreting the hexagram:


IN: 0.757 w x 0.757 d x 0.757 h
CM: 1.922 w x 1.63 d x 2 h