Numerical Chess Set (Large)

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


I designed this chess set so that from one angle the pieces look like chess pieces, and from another angle they look like numbers. The values given are the following historical values: Pawn: 1 Knight: 3 Bishop: 3 Rook: 5 Queen: 9 King: infinity.

I learned to play chess by thinking of each piece as being worth this much, so when I see chess pieces, I see them as these numbers. This set only contains half the pieces, you'll have to order it twice in different colours to get a full chess set.

This is the large version. The base of each piece is 3cm in diameter. For comparison, a standard chess board has tiles about 5cm wide. Also check out the 2cm version and the 1.5cm version!


IN: 2.982 w x 2.982 d x 2.982 h
CM: 7.574 w x 33.036 d x 4.436 h