41-F-2995-280 TRACK TENSIONING FIXTURE 3d printed Miniatures Vehicles
Set of three 41-F-2995-280 TRACK TENSIONING FIXTURES for M3/M4 series tracked vehicles equipped with VVS 16 inch wide track. Tracked vehicles were all equipped with track tensioning tools. The tools were used to pull the two ends of track together. The tool was also equipped with features that allowed the end connectors to be removed from the track in order to break the track. These important pieces of stowage are presented here in great detail. The models are based on the actual ordnance drawings. Three pairs are provided, each in a different position for variety.
cm: 5.552 w x 0.518 d x 0.646 h
in: 2.186 w x 0.204 d x 0.254 h


  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.


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