Jeffrey Griffin


Retired USAF, Builder of models.

Griffworks commented on ENTERPRISE NX01 SET OF 4 PHASE CANNON by TonyRR
November 25, 2015
Griffworks @TonyRR yeah, guess I missed that as the title line in the description, as I read the description itself and saw nothing. I must have scrolled down too far, hiding the title line.
Griffworks commented on defender-mk2 carrier solid by wilfredo267
September 2, 2015
defender-mk2 carrier solid
Griffworks @wilfredo267 - this is another that I'd buy multiples of if it were 8" / 205mm or thereabouts in length.
Griffworks commented on Cargo Tug: Loaded by coines23
July 9, 2015
Cargo Tug: Loaded
Griffworks Sorry! I didn't receive notification of a response, for some reason. I printed the one pictured below in WSF, but all others I printed in WSFP. I first primered, then painted the WSF, tho it doesn't cover the grain all that well. I even tried sanding it. I'll post some pics of the finished models a bit later.
Griffworks commented on 03-defender-mk2 100mm solid by wilfredo267
July 5, 2015
03-defender-mk2 100mm solid
Griffworks @wilfredo267 I would appreciate it a great deal! I'd purchase at least two, based on cost possibly more. I know a few others who would, as well. I'd also ask that they be available in WSFP!
Griffworks @wilfredo267 - maybe this will alert you about my question...?
Griffworks BTW, got one of these and it arrived today. Very nicely done! I just wish it had some sort of flight pod like the original design.
Griffworks I don't guess you could be talked into sizing this up to around 8" / 205mm to 9" / 230mm, could you? That would put it pretty close to 1/4105 scale, same scale that the Timeslip Creations resin kits and the Moebius Models plastic kits.
Griffworks commented on bolto class ship 100mm by wilfredo267
July 5, 2015
bolto class ship 100mm
Griffworks Great little ship design! And pretty close to 1/4105 scale if the size of the guns are meant to be the same size as those on the Moebius Models Battlestar Galactica kit.
Griffworks commented on Argent class spaceship by wilfredo267
July 5, 2015
Argent class spaceship
Griffworks @wilfredo267 - here's another I'd buy multiples of if upsized to around 6" / 150mm-ish.
Griffworks commented on Ageus ship by wilfredo267
July 5, 2015
Ageus ship
Griffworks @willfredo267 - here's another I'd buy prolly two of if you were to upsize it to around 8" / 205mm-ish in length. I'm sure others would buy it, as well!
Griffworks commented on USCM Helmet for 7" figures by paulelderdesign
June 19, 2015
USCM Helmet for 7" figures
Griffworks I'd have to dig up some of my old GI Joe's to get an idea. Thanks, regardless.
Griffworks That and the other USCM items you've got look great! I don't guess you would consider resizing them for 1/6 scale action figures, would you?
Griffworks commented on (Armada) Lancer Frigate by Mel_Miniatures
June 6, 2015
(Armada) Lancer Frigate
Griffworks @Mel_Miniatures Ok. Thanks for the response to this and the other questions I asked. I appreciate it.
Griffworks Is this 1/4222 scale? It looks like it might be very close, if it's not.
Griffworks commented on ISA Excalibur by ChrisDraven
June 6, 2015
ISA Excalibur
Griffworks I'm in that thinking as well - I'd buy it if I could get it Polished, as well.
BSG Hangar Pod Interior Set 1/4105 SWFUD-4105-001
Griffworks Got mine today. They definitely fit in the Moebius kit, but not the Timeslip Creations Galactica kit. Great addition to the flight deck interior!
Star Destroyer Shield Generator (extra small)
Griffworks Is this meant for the ERTL/AMT Imperial Star Destoyer kit?
Griffworks commented on Torpedo Launcher Turret by Mel_Miniatures
May 31, 2015
Torpedo Launcher Turret
Griffworks Is this meant to the ERTL/AMT Imperial Star Destroyer kit?
Star Destroyer Shield Generator (small)
Griffworks What is this meant to go on? The old MPC/ERTL ISD kit? It would be helpful to add a description to include that information so folks might but your products. :)
Griffworks commented on Devin's Valk Assembly by aptivaboy
May 17, 2015
Devin's Valk Assembly
Griffworks Which Valkyrie kit are these designed for?
Griffworks commented on Stefans Parts fixed by nicholassagan
January 26, 2015
Stefans Parts fixed
Griffworks Which MC-80 kit were these meant for again, Nicholas?
Griffworks commented on ED Seeker class exploration vessel by Gosric
January 12, 2015
ED Seeker class exploration vessel
Griffworks @Gosric ok, thanks for the reply!
Griffworks Any thoughts on making a larger version of this? I'm hoping for more like a 4" to 5" version? Anywhere in between would make me happy. :)
Griffworks commented on 4222 Dreadypods by nicholassagan
January 11, 2015


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