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Currently modelling 6mm, 1/160, 15mm tanks and 28mm bitz and miniatures

6mm 1/285 WW1 Armour collection
Freakazoitt @Ww2_Headquarters and it will require thin primer paint too
Freakazoitt @Ww2_Headquarters acrylic tamia paint would be fine specific colors of paint you can find in modelist resources by keyword like "renault ft model paining guide" or something like that
Ferdinand-style tank destroyer cabin
Freakazoitt You can download the hull files here:
New verion of powered axes + sm hands - 28mm Terebratus axes with knight hands
Freakazoitt commented on 1/160 scale T-55 tank by Freakazoitt
September 30, 2016
1/160 scale T-55 tank
Freakazoitt @laurbojoiu
Freakazoitt @laurbojoiu HI Yes, but it will be poorly detailed for 1/87 model I can rescale it if you agree that detail
100 years ago the first tanks entered the battle! In this connection, I recall that in my store are rhombus-shaped model tanks series Mark scaled in 6mm, 1/220, 1/160 and 1/100 1/160 Mk.I Female tank with grenade roof
Freakazoitt commented on 15mm Space Rebels Battle Tank by Freakazoitt
July 21, 2016
15mm Space Rebels Battle Tank
Freakazoitt @hellball lenght 72mm without barrel ;;;;;; width 39mm ;;;;;;;;;; height 37mm to turret hatch
Freakazoitt @hellball Hi. It's not an alternative to Leman Russ. It's a different tank, which can be used as a proxy for non-official 15mm warhammer. this tank actual height is 37mm without antenna
Freakazoitt @Borscope Hi, yes I can make different sized tank
WW1 German helmets for 28mm miniatures
Freakazoitt @randyfontana I dont have that
Freakazoitt @randyfontana the material is little bit grainy, but ok after paining
Freakazoitt @randyfontana its human head sized, therefore it looks a bit small on ork head, but possible to put on it. you have to remove ork ears. and helmet will not sit deeply (a on humans) so will have little but comic look
Improved quality Mk.I Male available in 1/160 scale - 1/160 Mk.I Male tank
Freakazoitt commented on 6mm WW1 Mk.I Male tank by Freakazoitt
June 26, 2016
6mm WW1 Mk.I Male tank
Freakazoitt Model upgraded, more correct details
Helmets! Soviet SSh40 (WW2 and post-war type), SSh68 (Cold War) and Romanian WW2 helmet. In 28mm scale and 1/35 scale available 1/35 WW2 Soviet SSh40 helmets
1/144 Great War airplane pilot with scarf
Freakazoitt I removed the sprue
WW2 German Helmets for 28mm scale miniatures
Freakazoitt @Weaponxcustoms yep, for heroic/grotesque proportions (oversized heads) and BoltAction NOT historically scaled. Less heroic than 40k, but still not like real humans.
Ancient astro warrior knight backpacks! Ancient Astrowarrior backpacks
Modern Italian C1 Ariete tank in 1/144 scale available 1/144 Ariete C1 tanks
Freakazoitt commented on 1/8 scale m2 Handcuffs by Freakazoitt
February 11, 2016
1/8 scale m2 Handcuffs
Freakazoitt I changed title to "1/8 scale"
Freakazoitt they 28mm long. I don't know how it feat to 1/18 figures. I made that by request
28mm scale Bicycle model 1 (4 pieces)
Freakazoitt @andrewtrinpy my model is for game miniatures, so no moving parts
Freakazoitt @andrewtrinpy thanks for link andrew, looks nice
Vezdekhod tracked vehicle (4 pieces)
Freakazoitt @Mechanoid Thanks. About 1/87 - unfortunately, It will be not printable, need total remodelling. Also proportions are for grotesque figures like 40k.
Post-apocalyptic vehicle 1:48 scale 28mm wargames
Freakazoitt You making great stuff, I like that design
Freakazoitt commented on 1/144 SU-76 by Freakazoitt
October 30, 2015
1/144 SU-76
Freakazoitt @AJB1 ouch =( can you show me pictures of what happened?
Freakazoitt commented on 28mm Cultist miniature by Freakazoitt
September 3, 2015
28mm Cultist miniature
Freakazoitt UPD: I made stronger chaos symbol
Freakazoitt commented on 1/160 WW1 Saint-Chamond tanks x2 by Freakazoitt
August 15, 2015
1/160 WW1 Saint-Chamond tanks x2
Freakazoitt @nrnstraswa yeah, look nice did you used some primer to prevent paint absorbing?


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