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Tips for Managing your Product Photos

How does Shapeways choose which Photos are shown and when?

All Products shown on Shapeways are associated with a material-- either because a Shop Owner has set a default material, a user has searched for a specific material, or the Shapeways team has chosen to highlight the product in a material. When a shopper clicks on a product and is brought to the page, we do our best to show them an image of the product in the specific material that they were looking at. We also change the image displayed when a user changes which material they are looking at. There is an image or render for every material that is for sale. Each material is a unique product in it’s own right, so if a shopper sees a gold ring and clicks on it, they should see a gold ring when they land on the product page. In order for your product to shine, it is important for you to ensure your renders look great and add & tag photos of all of the materials of your product.

How to Tag Your Images

On the Model Edit Model page for your product, which you can access from either your Shop Inventory, your My Models page, or the Edit Model link on your product page.

From here, go down to the Images Section and upload your beautifully staged, cropped photos. Select the material from the drop down, save, and you’re done!

If you have multiple images of your product in the default material, you can choose the default image by selecting the radio button that says “Default Image”, and if no material has been selected by a customer, that is the material & image they will see on your page.

Why should I tag an image or mark a render?

When we know what material is shown in a picture, we can show shoppers the most accurate representation of the product they are looking at. There are some products that are hugely different based on the material it is printed in, and we are going to be making some really exciting improvements that work best if you tag images and renders appropriately.

What is the “Not A Photo” Tag on Renders?

We tag all Shapeways generated renders and any photos that you tell us are a render with a note for Shoppers, as shoppers have been telling us that they are confused about renders since they can look so realistic and perfect. We want to be sure to show off how beautiful your product can be, while also

What Happened to Default Images?

In the past, Shapeways had a Default Image and a Default Material, but we have deprecated the default image now that we have a way to show customers a photo or render in that specific finish. If you would like to have a default image, be sure the image is tagged and set that material as your default material on the Selling tab.

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