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First To Try Tutorial

We want to set the right expectations for your customers so they have the best experience possible and become your lifelong fans! To help set those expectations, shoppers will soon see a First to Try label on any product that hasn’t been successfully printed before in that material and model version. This helps shoppers understand our level of confidence that we can successfully create the product that they are looking to buy -- that way, if the model can't be printed or has issues, they won't be disappointed.

Print Success

All materials for a product begin in First To Try until each material has a high enough Print Success Rate for us to have confidence in the printability. These products have either never been 3D printed before, or have been made but there are still questions about their printability. Sometimes a product has been printed before, but the Print Success Rate is too low for us to have a high level of confidence that it can be made again successfully. These products will stay in First To Try until successive orders bring them above 80% Print Success Rate.

Never Printed Before - First To Try
Below 50% - Not Printable
50%-80% - First To Try
80% and above - Products

Model Versions

Each version of a model has a unique geometry that we haven't attempted to 3D print before at Shapeways, so the Print Success Rate for a Product is based on the most recent model version, and resets each time a new version is uploaded. It may only be a small change to the model, but it could include making a wall thinner or changes to the bounding box, which could change the printability. We understand why this can be frustrating and are looking for ways to make this easier for you, but it's critical to set the right expectations for your customers.


If a product has been printed before to an 80% Print Success Rate, it will be labeled as a Product, with the checkmark icon.

Moving from First To Try to Product

We want all the products in our marketplace to shine in the best possible light. A key aspect of merchandising your product is sharing what it looks like in person with a great photo. However, we don't want to impose rules forcing you to print everything before you can offer it for sale.

There are a few ways to progress through First To Try:

  • You can enlist your friends, fans and community to buy your product and share a photo, which will be important for your long term product success
  • You can print the product in your preferred materials and ensure you meet the Print Success Rate before you launch your product
  • You can disable the materials that haven't been successfully printed before

Beta Products & First To Try

If you decide to put your product into Beta, it will not have a First To Try label as it is in an iterative stage (i.e., the model version may be changing frequently) and Shoppers will understand that it is in development. As soon as you decide to move your product out of Beta, it will either get a First to Try label if it still does not meet printability requirements, or it will look like other successfully printed products on the site.

When you are really just trying to understand whether you product can be successfully made in a given material, First To Try is your best bet. It sets the right expectations for your customers and helps you enlist support.

When you are really hoping to get feedback on your product -- from fit to form to function and everything in between -- we recommend using Beta. It's a great way to solicit feedback and build a community around your products and ideas.

How do you iterate on products? Learn more about Product Development at Shapeways or give us feedback in the Forums.

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