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HelpPrint It Anyway

Print It Anyway

Going from prototype to product often requires iteration, and in some cases, a level of experimentation and innovation outside the normal process. To help you explore the possibilities, we have a way for you to bring your products to life: Print It Anyway. You're no longer bound to the Shapeways Design Guidelines, only the rules of physics. So you can test your wires, your details, your interlocking parts, your compression fits...your imagination is your only limitation. We hope this will help you push the boundaries, and help us push ours.

What is Print It Anyway?

A way to ensure that you always receive a 3D printed model in your hand, even if it does not meet our design guidelines. Learn more about special cases.

An opportunity to experiment with possibilities, prototype and iterate, and learn more about design for 3D printing.

Which materials are eligible?

Print It Anyway is available for your own models in the following materials:

  • All Versatile Plastic finishes, excluding Premium
  • Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12
  • Fine Detail Plastic
  • All Sandstone finishes

What's the refund policy?

By ordering through Print It Anyway, you'll be accepting the risks of an imperfect model and therefore you will NOT be eligible for a refund or store credit exchange.

If we find cases that do not meet our Content Policy guidelines, we will cancel the items and issue you a refund. Otherwise, you will always get a product to hold in your hand. It just might not meet the expectations you have from your 3D model.

How do I participate?

In your cart, select the checkbox next to any models that are eligible for Print It Anyway. Eligible models will have a checkbox next to them.

What happens after I place an order using Print it Anyway?

Your model will go through our standard production process. We will print what you've designed, but this does mean that your 3D printed model may be in an imperfect state and that it might not be ready for other people to purchase.

Please note: "Success Rate" of PITA prints should not be applied to the final product. If you print with PITA, know that your product may or may not have imperfections that your potential future customers will then see and receive. To ensure quality, please make sure to follow the "success rate" of your latest, most complete version of your model/product.

Other FAQs

Is this a guarantee that my model will definitely be printed?

Not quite. Your model still must meet our Terms and Conditions, so we still won't print guns or models that go against our Content Policy.

Your model must meet the minimum and maximum bounding box for the material you select.

Your model must also pass the initial printability checks.

Why can't I get a refund?

Though we'll do our best to ensure your product prints the way you wanted it, we cannot ensure a product free of imperfections. And by participating in Print It Anyway, you are acknowledging this and thus are unable to qualify for a refund.

What type of feedback will I get?

We know that getting feedback on where and how your model had issues is critical for improvement. As we continue to print these models, we'll record and share the reasons why your model may have had issues throughout the entire production process. We hope this extra information will help you improve your design!

Why can I only order certain materials with Print It Anyway?

Because pilot makes perfect! We're using the pilot phase of Print It Anyway as an opportunity to continuously improve the experience for you as well as the production processes that happen behind the scenes. We're best able to do this by focusing on a limited set of materials to start. As we fine-tune, we will keep evaluating which materials we can incorporate into Print It Anyway.

If my order arrives and it's successfully printed, can I expect this the next time I order it?

No. With any order, there's always a chance a print issue could arise. Particularly for fragile models, it may be difficult to predict how consistently these prints will turn out. The second time we print something, it may break.

I'm a Shop Owner. If my model prints successfully through Print It Anyway, can I put it in my shop?

We don't recommend selling products that were printed through Print It Anyway until they've successfully been printed through the normal ordering process. The goal of Print It Anyway is to help you iterate your design until you have a model that can print perfectly every time.

Because your customers will not be able to use Print It Anyway, using the normal process to purchase your model will help you verify that it's ready to be sold.

Will the quality of my order be different?

No, your order goes through the same steps that all regular orders go through and will be handled with the same care.

In rare cases with polished or dyed materials, you may receive a product that hasn't gone through polishing or dyeing because it wouldn't have survived these processes. To enable you to learn and improve your design, you'll receive your product in the most complete state possible.

Can I cancel an order that contains Print It Anyway items?

Yes, you can cancel your order up until the time that it's in production.



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