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Oculus Rift DK2 Addons available! (DK1 Adjusters have been hidden to avoid confusion, send a message if you want those.)

Lens-Replacement Attachment | for damaged lenses
Lens-Separation Attachment | to reduce blur when your IPDs is wide or narrow
These are unofficial products so please do not send mails to Oculus support in this regard. Instead you can contact vrgear.mail@gmail.com for info. Thanks!


Make sure you read this list to help get you started!
  • Do: set eye relief all the way out to make it easier to put the attachments in initially. Dial it back to your previous setting once they are in.
  • Do: use your B lenses together with the attachments. The attachments don't work with A lenses because they will be too far away from the screen. The "Lens replacements" are at perfect focal length with the B lenses. The "Lens separation" ones are slightly too high (1mm), unavoidable so that it can 'clear' the Rift's clips. This may or may not be noticeable to you, but if willing to cut a small section of the Rift's clip and modify your existing attachments, check out the DIY tutorial here: Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Do: keep in touch and give feedback. I can only speak from my experience and a few others, I might not have thought of detailing something or something might be confusing.
  • Do: take care to not get dust inside your Rift when changing lenses. Put it upside down or side-ways rather. If you do get dust, get some compressed air or other means to clean it out.
  • Do: check out the "Making software changes" section if you got Lens Separation attachments and check back from time to time.
  • Do not: measure your IPD in the Oculus Config with Lens Separation Attachments in (it messes with the calculation). If you need to do this or measure someone new, take out the attachments and perform the measurements like Oculus intended.
  • Do: insert the attachments in the right position. If you turn them over (clips facing downwards) you should see a half circle cut out somewhere along the outside rim on each piece. Line these two missing half circles up to form a circle and turn them both around to keep that formation. That is the position the attachments should find themselves in once inserted. Here is a picture to show how they twist in (notice the empty circle in the middle). Note that these are the DK1 attachments and have things like text which no longer feature on the DK2 ones.

Narrow example
Wide example


When shifting the lenses, it will cause your eyes to either slightly diverge or converge without making software setting changes. Right now it is a hardcoded value, not configurable so read here to find out how to get around this.

SDK now supports Lens Separation **natively** for DK2 adjusters.

Unfortunately SDK is the last version to support Lens Separation for DK2 adjusters. If problems persist in some software try 0.8

Instructions: Here

Contact me for solutions to older SDK versions

To be clear, you must set the value to the adjuster's distance (i.e 69.5 or 59.5 or custom if you got your own mod), not to your IPD (which is for the "camera" distance in the VR environment). If you are unsure if it's working or not, set it to something extreme like 30mm, launch a game, if it is messed up - you know it is working. Close game, set it to a proper value and restart.



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