Double check dimensions at the lower right side of the screen, I cannot refund anything.  Click into each product to see each scale/price; smaller scales usually have multiple pieces.  You need to pick the scale first; then the material, then check dimensions.   I am not an employee so can't do anything but make models, add scales, and materials.   Anything related to orders/shipping/customer service must be asked of Shapeways.   Every vehicle is designed in 1/400 and cannot scale any smaller, or be hollow, and can't have open windows. Versatile plastic only works for 1/100 and larger.  Nothing will print in metal.  It takes 10-30 hours to do a good vehicle so consider yourself lucky I don't charge $$$ per model; so I don't offer combo sets.   My painted models are usually 1/400 so don't look nice; you can do a better job and larger scales will be easier to add details.  Please resell painted models and message me pictures.  If they look nice I will add them to the product pages with your username.   You can only use "sort by" when looking at "All items"; categories cannot be sorted. I will ignore all messsages about selling my CAD designs unless you paste in the text needed at the bottom of the page.
1. My miniatures are designed in 1/400 scale and can't scale any smaller.  They can only be printed in "tan fine/clear ultra" plastic unless it is  1/100 and larger which can print in versatile plastic.  
2. 6mm is the common wargaming term for 1/285 scale.   Z scale is 1/220, N scale is 1/160, HO scale is 1/87
3. Moving parts don't work easily because the wax support can't escape the joints.  After 2 to 20 hours in a Simple Green/50 watt ultrasonic bath some parts will move.  At these small scales the wax is stronger than the <1mm plastic pivots.  So consider all models static with only a tiny chance to have moving parts unless noted otherwise. 
4. Shapeways doesn't tell me  about their pricing formulas but here are some estimates from my products.  
1/200= 8x more material than 1/400, ~3x to 6x the price of 1/400
1/160=  15x  more material than 1/400, ~4x to 11x the price of 1/400
1/87= 97x more material than 1/400,  ~5x to 10x the price of 1/400
​It seems Shapeways actually costs less the bigger you go since you are getting much more material for less money.
5. The "versatile" plastic is porous like sandstone and is impossible to paint smooth.

Buying finished models:  You can search for designer usernames regarding painted photos. Maybe they will sell you their models.  Select "designers" in the left dropdown box of the "all products" searchbar.

I am busy doing real work, this place is just a hobby=loss of money.  Most of the recent models have taken me 10+ hours to design.   I charge $60 per hour for design work so unless you are very enthusiastic or rich, please don't waste our time.  
Example 1: GPUFT99 is a  simple model that took 2 hours to design since its simple extrusions and orthographic drawing/dimensions exist online. 
Example 2: LSR1931 Blubird4 is a  simple model that took 8 hours to design since no good drawings exist.
Example3: TaxibotWB is a medium model that took 20 hours to design since no drawings or dimensions are publicly shared.
Example 4: Even with drawings; the Lieb LTM1750 is very complex with multiple parts and took 40+ hours to design.

Please message any orthographic drawings if you want a quote.  Any basic design needs to have a straight on front, side, and top views.  If the bottom and back are different then those drawings must exist too.  I essentially need to know what an object looks like flat from all sides so if you don't have this info I can't make it without a lot of guessing.   I don't do sculpted forms like modern cars, wings, animals, etc....because no info exists for body contours so they would be impossible for me to duplicate. 

I will ignore all messages for custom work unless you paste the following into your message. "I understand I am paying for your CAD time only and still have to buy the printed object from Shapeways" or I can send you the STL files to print on your own.   If I don't see this text in your message then I know you don't understand how this website works and will be wasting our time.


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