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June 15, 2024:

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Latest products:

>>72 Sturgeon 637 class 7-blade propeller
>>35 PT-4-7 Armored Periscopes, Russian WW2
>>35 M6 Periscopes, US Army WW2
>>350 USS Tunny LPSS/AGSS-282 conversion
>>350 USS Tunny LPSS/AGSS-282 sail
>>72 Skipjack 585 class 7-blade propeller
>>192 Brooke 6.4" Pivot Mount
>>192 Brooke 7" Pivot Mount
>>192 Parrott Pivot Mount
>>150 Parrott Pivot Mount

I'm still selling 1/350 scale SSN screws (propellers) on eBay (mulsannemike) The current inventory includes:
LA 688 SSN, Ohio SSBN/SSGN, Type 212 SS, Oscar II SSGN, Delta IV SSBN, Mike SSN, Papa SSGN, Kilo SS, Resolution SSBN, HMS Trafalgar SSN, Kilo, Sturgeon SSN, Benjamin Franklin SSBN, Permit/Thresher SSN , USS Jack SSN 605, Skipjack SSN, Nautilus SSN, Tullibee SSN, Scorpene SS, and more.
My screws correct observed deficencines in the shape and execution of currently modeled 1/350 scale screws for those models.  I'm printing these at home, and selling them on eBay, because I can actually print thinner on the home machine (.3 mm unsupported).  And as there isn't high demand, I can keep up with it.

I get a ton of scaling requests.  With large swings in scale, going from a smaller existing scale to a larger scale, you fall out of Shapeway's reasonable price box.  What happens is it flips a switch in their algorithm and suddenly what is $19 in 1/192 is $260 in 1/72.  That's a more than 2.5 X increase, though as you see the price increase isn't linear as the volume increase is logorithmic, and the price jump makes sense.  So small scale moves have a better chance of being economically feasible.  But that has its issues too, this one CAD techincal:  I draw bespoke to the scale I'm working in.  So if I'm working in 1/350, the smallest/finest details will be measured against Shapeway's .3 mm/.6 mm wall thickness minimums.  And if I get a request to go smaller in scale, sudenly I'll have areas of the model that aren't compliant with Shapeway's minimums and the model gets rejected.  I learned that lesson with the Portsmouth and Electric Boat Sails I scaled down to 1/700.  I had to completely loose all the masts as they wouldn't even accept them at .6 mm diameter (don't ask me, suddenly they're considering those "wires" and that has to have a minimum of .8 mm and they look gooofy that beefy).  Thus understand that I am no longer considering scaling requests if they're beyond a reasonable increase.  So what's a unreasonable increase?  Most.  Most of your requests just aren't doable.

I'm always open to suggestions.  In fact the back and forth with you guys is pretty inspiring.  But I can't do everything, and there's the "interest threshold."  If I'm not into it, it probably won't happen.  But if I am immediately, it probably will.  However, timing is always an issue.  So if you've contacted me and I've been interested, just wait.
What I design is often driven by modeling needs, or fleeting inspiration.  Some times there's no ryhme or reason (Armstrong 100 ton gun, SR-71 inlet), though it's pretty obvious what I favor by now.

Check out the related  FaceBook page, Mulsanne's Model Corner
SS/SSN/SSBN/SSGN screws on eBay:  mulsannemike


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