Maders Trains

All items are HO Scale. Please let me know if you would like any of my items customized to better suit your needs! Sorry but I currently only offer HO scale models and will not make other scales at this time. 
Welcome to my shop. My name is Josh Mader and I am from Southern California. I have been into HO scale Model Trains for about 10 years now and really enjoy this hobby. While I am not an expert in making 3D models, I do enjoy creating new things that are not commercially available from the big name manufactures. All the models I have uploaded here in my shop are created in HO scale based off real life measurements, largely to scale to the best of my abilities. While I do consider myself to be very detail oriented, there are some things that are just too small to include on my models. I would gladly accept any suggestions or questions about my models, and tips and tricks on how to improve are always welcome as well! I am using the free version of Google Sketchup to create my models. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that some of you may be able to use my models to help bring your train layouts and dioramas to life!

Please consider and take note of the following when designing and building a custom Modern Concrete Warehouse using my selection of models. You will see there are several different categories listed, please make sure you only purchase walls listed in the same category to ensure proper fitment when combining multiple wall models to build any one single warehouse. Some models may be used with other models from other categories which is why you may notice the same model listed in multiple categories. If you have any questions at all please feel free to message me and I would be happy to answer any questions or help you design a warehouse of your own! 
There are 3 main different types of docks that are most commonly used when constructing modern warehouses. They include the following:
  1. Flush Dock - In this instance, the face of the dock is flush with the outside wall of the building. Most warehouses using Flush Docks will utilize dock level floors, meaning the foundation is constructed on the ground level, but to accomplish the dock level floor, the dock sides of the building are excavated to be lower then the warehouse foundation. This is the most common type of construction for large modern concrete warehouses today.
  2. Depressed Dock - Depressed docks also utilize the Flush Docks but have a sloped Apron/Ramp that needs to be excavated into the terrain. Depressed Docks are used where building construction eliminates dock level floors. You will see Depressed Docks most commonly being used in large warehouse districts where multiple warehouses are close together.
  3. Saw Tooth Dock - Saw tooth or Angled Dock line-ups are used when there is limited maneuvering space. However, take into consideration that the yards have to be designed in such a way that the trucks can leave in the direction of the angle of the dock. The trucks require less maneuvering space because they are already lined up in the direction of travel in the yard space around the warehouse. For this type of dock, Ive made available two different types of dock walls. One features docks that have a covered loading shed built for each dock. The other features walls that have docks depressed into the walls to create a natural overhang covering the dock.

"Load-In" vs "Load-Out" - Each Dock Wall is available with two different Door Surrounds, as well as a model with one of each type of Surrounds.
  1. Use the "Load-In" Surrounds for a dock that you plan to have a trailer docked. The Trailer will fit inside the inside recessed portion of the surround and sit flush with the dock bumpers. This will give the impression that the dock door surrounds are in use sealing the rear perimeter of the trailer protecting the dock workers from outside weather conditions. "Load-In" Surrounds do not need to have dock doors in place as the trailer will hide the opening.
  2. Use the "Load-Out" Surrounds for a dock that is empty and does not currently have a trailer docked, these docks will need docks doors, which are available in the warehouse doors category.


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