Kaliik Shipyard

Kaliik Shipyard specializes in starships and starfighters for the aspiring miner, pirate, privateer, smuggler and/or corrupt offworld starfleet commander looking to bring their story favorites from the UNOFFICIAL Star Wars universe into concept and casual play for the 1:270 scaled X-wing Miniature Game. 
Artistic credit goes to Paul.K, Atherin, JV1138, CJ442/General_Lee, Emperor Herr 99, DanC111b, Andywerk, Jonesy, Nathan. H, Juicer 18, Frost .L, Coulden P., Brian. B, Sithraider, Epic_Fail, Vaclon, Evendragon and Calmatiy-si for their own designs, inspriations and asset-references which aided in these models conception as modified-compatible game mockups.  Furthermore, no copyright or trademark infringement is intended in this respect to Sony, Disney or Lucas Ranch trademark names and/or works !  

All ship designs are losely based on the UNOFFICIAL Star War Universe and/or extended fan-derived story-driven community. 

The models displayed for print through Shapeways' material services are scale compatible with the ever-popular X-Wing the Miniature Game.  Please check the products' size dimension before ordering. Scale / Wing-span alterations can be requested beforehand by simply contacting us directly.

We use an alternative stand design for our own display pegs designed to accomodate magnets and flight base conversions.

You can edit and 3D print your own pegs using the public domain designs made avaliable here.

Any ship you order for print from the store front will not include a flight stand/base, movement dial, character and equipment cards.

Some free resources for generating dials, pilot cards and equipment for these ships are avaliable here;

(online card creator resource) - [url]http://cardcreator.atelierdufaucon.com/#$[/url]
(Local software resource) - [url]http://cgjennings.ca/eons/[/url]
(Star Wars WIkipedia source) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars

Banner derived from digital artist - Frank Hong.

This licence for personal-use does not permit the reproduced models provide here to extend beyond prototyping a transfer to any commercial terms of sale by which a permit for retail sale, product space and media marketing usage through any price-monotization channel formating exclusive to the United States or abroad;  withholding any hard copy, electronic or third party permission mechanisms used by a trademark amd/or termed "creators", would apply to any existing commercial distribution and service licenses currently held in affect. 


1. This catalog and the models on it ("Digital Content") are provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, omissions, completeness, currentness, machine-readability and/or bespoken artistic representation.
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