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Founded in 2014, Hero Forge came into inception as its co-founders realized no one else was selling what they were looking for at the holidays one year: 3D printed miniatures for their Dungeons and Dragons group. Taking the obvious business opportunity, they began making it possible for customers to fully customize miniatures without having to cobble together parts to represent their beloved characters—as was the norm was over 45 years.

In partnership with Shapeways, Hero Forge is also able to offer their miniatures and statuettes in full color.

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  • The level of diverse detail Hero Forge customers can achieve for personalizing characters.
  • Why High Definition Full Color and Mimaki 3D printing technology offer so much design freedom for Hero Forge customers.
  • The full collaboration between Shapeways and Hero Forge, allowing them to offer incredible customization, 3D print in full color, and fulfill orders to customers around the world.

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Hero Forge Case Study

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