MG144-CT005A Cohesion Suppression Tank (2) 3d printed Models in WSF

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Models in WSF
MG144-CT005A Cohesion Suppression Tank (2) 3d printed Models in WSF
MG144-CT005A Cohesion Suppression Tank (2) 3d printed Models in WSF

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MG144-CT005A Cohesion Suppression Tank (2)

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Product Description

The Cohesion configuration is designated as a "Suppression" tank. For the Cybertanks, this qualifies as a dedicated anti-infantry vehicle. As the Cybertanks are simply too big to fit inside buildings (and rarely feel the need to try and capture anything anyway), the Cybertanks solution to the problem of infantry is the most basic - obliterate the place the infantry are standing in. The Cohesion's primary weapon is a cannon that fires a minaturised matterflux shell. This is capable of inflicting vast amounts of damage to structures, plant-life and and vehicle unfortunate enough to be hit by it.A Cohesion can fire about four shells under typical conditions, before needed to grow more. Some Cohesions seem to prefer using high-explosive shells, which while deal less damage, allow them twice as many shots.

Interestingly, dead Cohesions have revealed that the design of these two shells differs. The older, high-explosive shell is "natural" in the sense that is is internally consistant with Cybertank physiology. The matter-flux shells were not seen until about fifty years ago, and the technology design principles are more in line with the Cybertank's startship technology. They are both grown by the Cybertank, but the implication is that the Cybertanks can control at least some aspects of the physiology and teach themselves how to create new parts for themselves.

The Cohesion's other weapons include twin heavy mass drivers, coaxual to the matter-flux cannon, with an enormous store of ammunition. The Cohesion can also very quickly replenish this supply over time as it grows new shells. The mass drivers are used primarily for dealing with lighter targets, such as exposed infantry or lighter vehicles, but together, can output enough fire to concern even tanks at short ranges. The main turret itself has a very considerable angle of fire (up to 45º from the horizontal), allowing the Cohesion to deal with awkwardly placed infantry or anti-aircraft operations more efficiently.

It also has two smoke dischargers, capable of deploying hot smoke; like all Cybertank smoke, this is slightly toxic to most organic species.

Finally, the Cohesion sports two partical laser arrays on either side of the hull. These serve as point-defense, anti-aircraft and anti-drone roles, as well as giving it considerably additional firepower for dealing with infantry; typically holding them down long enough to use the main weapons.

Cohesions have a tendancy to be more deliberate and measured than other Cybertanks, are are often better at assessing threats. This is perhaps wise, as despite their considerable armament and above-average speed, they are lightly armoured and shielded.

Two models, approx (5.3 x 2.6 x 3.7mm)

Suggested material: SWF


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