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Flying megaphone with searchlight for Phantom 4 3d printed

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Flying megaphone with searchlight for Phantom 4 3d printed
Flying megaphone with searchlight for Phantom 4 3d printed

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Flying megaphone with searchlight for Phantom 4 3d printed
Flying megaphone with searchlight for Phantom 4 3d printed

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Flying megaphone with searchlight for Phantom 4

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Product Description


Flying megaphone with searchlight for Phantom 4

Hello first responder! I designed these accessories to help first responders do their job more effectively. All one needs is a DJI phantom 4 and some off the shelf parts along with some Shapeways 3D printing to create a flying megaphone and controllable searchlight! The way it works is, there is a 10 watt loudspeaker connected to a 10 watt audio amplifier, which is receiving audio signals via a class 1 Bluetooth communicator that has a range of 1000 meters. To increase the range a small radio could be used or in areas with cellphone coverage a small cellphone can be used.  Also delivered via Bluetooth or radio or cellphone is a means for controlling the angle of the loudspeaker. It can rotate 90 degrees for talking to people on the ground directly below or out at a distance via other positions between zero and 90 degrees. This works by DTMT (dual tone multi frequency) these are the sounds you hear when you press the keys on a phone. These multi-tones are sent by the tablet computer controlling the Phantom, or a cell phone or any old phone. On board the Phantom is a 4 channel tone decoder, which decodes the DTMF signals and then activates various accessories and devices on the Phantom. In this case it is connected to a gear-head motor, which rotates the megaphone to any position between zero and 90 degrees. In addition to the megaphone there are two powerful spotlights attached on both sides of the megaphone that can be directed to any position between zero and 90 degrees. There is also a powerful beacon light with a bendable mast for spotting the Phantom at a long range in both daylight and at night.  In the current configuration all four channels are used, which are, searchlight / loudspeaker assembly up and a second channel is used for going in the opposite direction.  The other two channels lets one turn the beacon light on and off as well as turn the searchlights on an off.  


This is super simple to build!  It's just a matter of wiring a few off the shelf components together. You'll need to solder some wires to the gear motor and the speaker though, so you'll at least need to know how to do basic electronics soldering.  By the way, I’ll build this for you if you’d like for a small flat assembly fee of $50.  You’ll need to pay for shipping, 3D printing and the components.  On the other hand, perhaps you have ideas for modifications that you’d like me to make to this.  In that case, I’ll do any of those modifications free of charge.  There are all kinds of directions this could go in!  For example, a drop solenoid could be added to drop items.  I was going to add this, but I ran out of time since I made this as a contest entry for this Search and Rescue 3D Printing' Design Contest.  Interesting things that can be dropped are, florescent markers for helping mark areas or leading ground personnel to an area, or at night blinking LED light markers, which are a common off the shelf item known as fairy lights used as landscape decorations.  Or, a small short range Bluetooth transceiver could be dropped at the location of a distressed person so that a communication channel could be opened.


Here are the parts you'll need to complete this flying megaphone with searchlight.



Bullet LED - Tiny High Output Landing/Strobe Light Or LED Light From CRAZEDpilot





These are used on full size aircraft for taxi and landing, so they should be great for a DGI Phantom as well. The cost is $7.00. Two needed.


Weight: 28.06 grams

Voltage:11-14.5v DC

Current draw:140mA

Lumens: 250





DS-30 Drone Strobes > DS-30 WHITE STROBE From North American Survival Systems





Phantom owners have commented about how much they like these beacon lights! They say they can see their Phantoms from over a mile away in daylight! Perfect! The price is higher than I'd like to see, but they are only 10 grams, which almost makes up for the price. The cost is $50. One needed. In addition to white they come in infrared, blue and red.


Weight: 10 Grams

Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.

Color: WHITE

Lens Cover: Polycarbonate.

Flash rate: 60/minute.

Viewing Angle: Full upper hemisphere.

Luminous Intensity: 200 Candela.

Tested Night Visibility: Up to 10 Nautical Miles.

Tested Day Visibility: UP to 1 Nautical Mile

Light Source: 4 LED

Input power: 4.2 to 11.5 VDC

Height: .840 inch

Diameter: 1.225 inch



HiWave BMR12 Compact 2" Full-Range Square Speaker 12W From Parts Express





Driving this speaker at 10 watts should blast the area with whatever audio messages any first responder needs to disperse. The cost is $6.00. One needed. This is a closeout item, but there are other sellers selling it so it will be around for a long while.


Weight: 90.71 grams

Size: 2 inches square

Power Handling (RMS):12 Watts

Power Handling (max): 24 Watts

Impedance: 8 ohms

Frequency Response: 150 to 16,000 Hz






PAM8610 2x10W Class-D Audio Amplifier Board Also From Parts Express





This tiny audio amplifier will use one of its 10 watt output channels to drive the speaker. The cost is $11.80. One needed.


Weight: 22.67 grams

Power output: 2 x 10 watts @ 8 ohms

Frequency response: 20 to 50,000 Hz

Signal input: 3.5 mm stereo jack

Power requirements: 7-15 VDC

Dimensions: 1.57" x 1.26



NTE European Terminal Strip 25-E2000 12-Pole 20A Also From Parts Express


Just to make things a little easier this terminal block lets one connect the various wires together without soldering or wire crimping connectors.  Only two of the 12 terminals are used.  The cost is $1.28. One needed.


Weight:  0.37 grams



Bluetooth Intercom From Shark Motorcycle Audio


This super lightweight class 1 Bluetooth transceiver system can transmit and receive in full duplex up to 1000 meters. Just the thing needed for sending voice and DTMF commands. The cost is $93.99. One needed. Some of the items in the kit are not needed like the helmet attachment items. And a few of the items most people will already have like the headset and USB chargers. Consequently, one can shop around and save. For example, one can buy just the transceivers from their eBay store here: Two transceivers are required. Other items needed are the two 3.5 mm to USB cords for charging and two USB chargers. Also needed is one of the 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cords. And finally, one 3.5 mm headset with microphone is needed.


Weight per transceiver: 42.52 grams

RF Output Power: 0 dB

Frequency range: 2.45 to 2.479 GHz (DSSS)

Battery capacity:NiMh rechargable batteries with 400 mAh each (estimate 7 hours use time)

Distance range: 1000 m

Frequency Audio response: 30 Hz to 22 KHz



4 CH DTMF Decoder From eBay







This module will convert the dual tone multi frequency tone that can be generated by cell phones, cordless phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, etc. and convert them to digital signals that can then turn on any one of the blue boxes you see on the board, which are electronic switches. So in other words, push a number, one through four, on your phone and you can turn things on or off from 1000 meters away. You wont need cell phone reception, it will transmit over the Bluetooth connection of the Shark intercom.  I would like to make a new design of a tone decoder board like this as this off the self board is on the heavy side.



Weight: 59 grams

Working voltage: DC 12V

Operating Current: Standby 11-13 MA, 1 relay "open" 44MA, 2 relays "Open" 77MA, 3 relays "Open" 110MA, 4 relays"open" 140MA Eight modes of operation: Non-locking (Momentary ), self-locking (Toggle),inter-locking (Latch), 5/20/60/120/250-second delay Maximum load: 10A / 250VAC, 10A / 125VAC, 10A / 30VDC, 10A / 28VDC, 10A / 12VDC

Size: 50 * 80 * 19.5mm




Micro Gear Motor From Firgelli Automations







No need to buy the MB7 bracket. This micro gear motor is used to move the searchlight up and down. The cost is $14.99. One needed. When making the purchase select 12 volts and 210:1 gear ratio by clicking their respective buttons on the order page.


Weight: 9.6 grams

Torque: 344 g cm

Speed: 55 rpm



Nano-Tech 180mah 2S 25~40C From GorillaBobs RC




This tiny Lipo (lithium polymer) battery packs a punch! It can continuously provide 10 amps of power at 11.1 volts for 2.1 minutes! That's a lot for a small battery! We only need around 1.2 amps, and that would be if the searchlights, the beacon light and the speaker were running all at the same time. Consequently, this little battery can power everything at the same time if needed. It has a enough capacity to run the searchlights for 27 minutes. If the megaphone is used during that time the run time of the lights would be less, but I cannot think of situations where one would be blasting the megaphone continuously. The cost is $6.00. One needed.


Weight: 13 grams

Capacity: 180 mAh

Voltage: 11.1 V

Maximum continuous discharge rate: C20

Length: 35 mm

Height: 10 mm

Width: 20 mm







Pan Head, 18-8 Stainless Steel, 6-19 Thread, 1" Length



These screws are designed for use with plastics. They'll be used fasten the airframe to the envelope of the Phantom 4. The cost is $13.48 per pack of 50. One pack needed.


Weight:  1.64 X8

Pan Head, 18-8 Stainless Steel, 6-19 Thread, 1" Length







18-8 Stainless Steel Torx Thread-Forming Screw for Plastic



They'll be used fasten a few of the accessories. $10.89 per pack of 50. One pack needed.


Weight:  1.03 grams X7

Pan Head, 18-8 Stainless Steel, 6-19 Thread, 1/2" Length








1X LED Lights: 56.12 grams

1X Beacon light: 10 grams

1X Speaker: 90.71 grams

1X Audio Amplifier Board: 22.67 grams

1X Terminal block:  0.37 grams

1X Bluetooth transceiver: 42.52 grams

1X DTMF MT8870 Audio Decoder: 59 grams

1X Battery: 13 grams

1X Air frame: 201.44 grams

1X Gear motor: 9.7 grams

1X Screws: 20.34 grams

1X 3.5 mm audio patch cable: 6 grams
1x Miscellaneous wiring:  5 grams


Total 536.87 grams. The Phantom 4 can easily handle 536.87 grams of payload since the absolute maximum lifting capacity is nearly a kilo at 907.18 grams.




LED Light: 11-14.5v DC

1X Beacon light: 4.2 to 11.5 VDC

1X Speaker: N/A

1X Audio Amplifier Board: 7-15 VDC

1X Terminal block:  N/A

1X Bluetooth transceiver: N/A

1X DTMF MT8870 Audio Decoder: 12 VDC

1X Battery: N/A

1X Air frame: N/A

1X Gear motor: 12 VDC




2X LED Light: Per light 140 mA total 280 mA

1X Beacon light: 37 mA

1X Speaker: N/A

1X Audio Amplifier Board: 869.56 mA

1X Terminal block:  N/A

1X Bluetooth transceiver: N/A

1X DTMF MT8870 Audio Decoder: Up to 140 mA

1X Battery: N/A

1X Air frame: N/A

1X Gear motor: 90 mA




There’s not much to do to build this.  Just connect the components together using the following diagram.  This image is huge.  To see it full scale you can download it to your computer and look at it with an image editor.  Or, if you're using Firefox as your web browser you can right click on the image and select view image from the popup menu.  From there you can click on the image to zoom in.





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