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PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory 3d printed

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PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory 3d printed
PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory 3d printed

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PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory 3d printed
PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory 3d printed

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PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory 3d printed
PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory 3d printed

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PC, OBD Cart Deck Accessory

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3D printed in matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.

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Product Description

Product: PC, OBD Cart
Series or Genre: Battlestar Galactica (TRS) V, the Visitors (TOS) Battlestar Galactica (TOS)
Scale: 1:72 Aircraft Scale 
Accessory Set:
BSG Hangar 1:72 V Hangar 1:72 

Product Specific Notes: intended as a deck accessory based upon a scene in BSG-TRS, but would work well as a PC or OBD cart in any 1:72 diorama - no moving parts
Finishing Notes: These areas are most affected by the Shapeways printing software that "beefs up" areas of the model to ensure the ability to print and handle. On this model, the following areas are most affected and may require light sanding or cutting to clean up the edges or lines: around the four corners of the monitor and along the edges of the keyboard tray

Additional scales of this model and related accessories may be available in my store. Additional items include display bases and stands, as well as support items for dioramas (like hangar decks - BSG, V).

The models available here are the result of many hours of reviewing videos and still photos from the source TV shows and movies. I also use internet references to help fill in gaps. In all cases, model design is based upon the actual on-screen presentation of the items, not on models created by others. In cases where there is inconsistency in the presentation, I use my best judgment to create a representative item. For example, the Battlestar Galactica Raptor shown in the mini-series (landed on Caprica) is different than the same type of vessel that landed on Kobol late in the TV series (The Re-imagined Series - 2000's). Likewise, the Skyfighter from V (the Visitors) had at least three slightly different designs through the two mini-series and TV series (The Old Series - 1980's).

While this description is consistent, the model specific name (above) contains the scale, version, and most critical details. Most of the models have three versions:
  • Landed: as seen landed on a planet, moon, or the deck of a capital or mother ship with landing gear down (these models are free standing and have no movable components)
  • In Flight: as shown in both a sky and and the blackness of space, landing gear stowed and bay doors closed (these models have no moving parts and usually will require a stand or other bracket for display)
  • Door Open: as shown in the landed configuration only (described above) with one or more the access door or doors open (the doors are in a fixed position and cannot be moved)
Choosing the scale of the models is a balancing act - attempting to preserve detail while achieving a reasonable price point. In some cases, I offer a "HiRez" version that is more expensive but preserves more detail. The additional concern is making sure the models might have application for buyers - modelers, collectors, etc. Due to the great disparity in relative sizes of the capital and mother ships, I have often chosen to incorporate their design into the display base and stand options. Stand-alone versions of these larger ships are obviously in a much different scale range. Because my ships models are solid, they would require a small hole to be drilled in the bottom in order to be mounted (permanently or removable) on the peg of some of the display bases or stands. I have decided on 4 "core" scales for the majority of my items:
  • 1:87.1 HO Scale: obviously for potential use with other available HO scale model accessories
  • 1:72 Aircraft Scale: this is a common scale for many Scifi models - such as the Space 1999 Eagle from AMT/ERTL - or many BSG models from Moebius
  • 1:64 Matchbox Scale: a much larger basic size - it is the nominal "Hot Wheels" car scale and seemed like a logical choice for diorama construction of street scenes
  • 1:1 Full Scale: we normally refer to this as reality - "full scale" or "life size" - I only use this scale for items of a "prop" nature - handheld objects

These models are intended to be finished and displayed - they have not been designed as toys and should not be used in that way. My experience to date indicates that these models should be handily completed by a moderate to advanced model maker. The printing software adds some materials at thin edges in order to ensure that the edges do not fracture during printing. These areas are easily finished with light sanding. My models are solid and freestanding. There are no moving parts unless specifically stated in the description text. For example, the engine hoist and pallet jack have wheels, but they are fixed - the models do not literally "roll".

Battlestar Galactica models I currently have available from the 2000's mini-series and TV show (the re-imagined series, TRS), include:
  • Blackbird Stealth Viper: Built by Chief Tyrol, this one of a kind craft was similar to a Viper but invisible on DRADIS and it allowed the Colonial fleet to destroy the resurrection ship
  • Colonial Raptor: the stock Colonial reconnaissance vessel for making short Faster than Light (FTL) scouting hops in support of the larger capital ships and Viper squadrons

V, the Visitors, models I currently have available from the 1980's mini-series and TV show (the old series, TOS) include:
  • Sky Fighter (or Skyfighter): the classic fighter plane design. A pilot module with a narrow door and stair are finished out by an aft compartment of almost all windows where a single, rear facing gunner is seated
  • Squad Shuttle: the common workhorse size vehicle shown very frequently. This shuttle has the standard pilot and aft modules with three larger, functional modules adding the volume required for shock troopers, passengers, or cargo
  • Large Shuttle: shown less frequently, the large shuttle is a variant on the squad shuttle that adds more cargo and transport space by adding two more interior modules. The large shuttle design landed on the top of the UN building when first contact was made
  • Industrial Shuttle: the largest of the shuttles, this ship was shown infrequently. Most notably, this extra large shuttle that sported two large modules with doors landed at the chemical planted disgorged a seemingly endless stream of alien workers greeted by the local high school marching band playing
  • Tanker: an unusual ship that was seldom seen, the tanker sported the standard pilot and aft modules combined with two standard shuttle modules and a set of unique, narrow interior modules that supported the bulk tanks
  • Mother Ship (or Mothership): the massive ships that brought the Visitors to the Earth, these vessels hang in the sky over our major cities and hide behind the moon throughout the series

Hangar and Flight Deck Accessories that I currently have available (that could be used for any ships in the proper scale) are:
  • Access Ladders: scaled to fit the models to the greatest extent possible - I have chosen to re-create ladders I can find in the programs only - no "generic" ladders (no moving parts)
  • Lifting and Moving: engine hoists and stands, pallet movers, and high lifts (no moving parts)
  • Toolboxes and Carts: differing sizes and shapes - low tech with just drawers and higher tech like PCs or OBD-like scanners (no moving parts)
  • Containers: differing types of miscellaneous containers as seen on the decks with the ships (no moving parts, but some are stackable)

While the prices on my models appear high compared to many other items on Shapeways, I would note that my models are much larger than most of the others. I am designing for model makers and collectors, so scales I work with, like 1:72, produce items that are 3 to 5 inches long - rather than models that are less than an inch and thus much cheaper.

I am a self-taught, hobby 3D designer and printer. During the summer of 2014, I started with a DaVinci 1.0 printer (the first version - 1 print head, ABS) and all freeware (Sketchup Make, 123D Design, Meshmixer, Meshlab, and a few others). Being a serious science fiction fanatic, I immediately began designing and printing science fiction related objects. It didn't take long before I realized I could make things I couldn't buy from others (things that were either never made or are very rare). Today, I continue to utilize the same freeware tools, but I now have a DaVinci 1.0 Jr. that prints PLA and an iBox Nano liquid resin printer that uses MakerJuice.

Most of my models are printed iteratively on my printer here until I am pleased with the design. I then upload them to Shapeways. I have had prints made of many of my items and I have found that the quality of each order fulfilled from Shapeways has exceeded my expectations. As I have time, I update the pictures of the items in my store with pictures of the items printed by Shapeways. I also post some graphics and pictures that illustrate multiple models in use together - for example, models paired with the display bases or other accessories I have available (to illustrate diorama creation). I almost always have items in draft (not uploaded or released) and I'm always looking for the next good thing to make. Favorite or bookmark my store and check back to see new items.

I always appreciate feedback, so please send me suggestions, requests, whatever!

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OBD Cart Hi 72
0.67 x 0.79 x 1.62 cm
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