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1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed

Not a Photo

1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed
1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed

Not a Photo

1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed
1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed

Not a Photo

1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed
1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed

Not a Photo

1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed
1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era) 3d printed

Not a Photo

1/700 Intrepid '67 Island (Vietnam War-era)

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Product Description

Scale: 1/700

Recommended to help build the modernized Essex class aircraft carrier USS Intrepid CVS-11.

This multi-part kit represents the modernized island of Essex class aircraft carrier USS Intrepid CVS-11 as it appeared about 1966-1970 during combat operations off Vietnam.  It can be adapted for other Vietnam-era angle-deck Essex class carriers including USS Hornet CVS-12, USS Ticonderoga CVA-14, USS Wasp CVA-18, USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31, and USS Oriskany CVA-34.  

With further modification, it can be adapted to build any Korean War-era straight-deck Essex class carrier.

Some adjustment of the plastic kit's parts may be needed for best fit.  For those using this island for a Korean War-era build, note that modernized Essex islands were shorter at the aft end than their World War Two configuration.  You will have to remove any raised, island locator features on the plastic kit's flight deck and position this island at the forward edge of the plastic kit's island "footprint".


  • open bridge and PriFly windows with delicate framing
  • decks properly offset to port - many kits' decks are positioned too far to starboard and should NOT be centered on the island
  • properly shaped decks and deck features
  • wiper motor details, proper number and placement, on the navigating bridge
  • deck supporting structure details accurately positioned as confirmed by photos of the real ship
  • delicate exterior piping and electrical cabling detail specifically for Intrepid
  • porthole rigols ("eyebrows")
  • correct style A/T doors 
  • door overhead rain deflectors
  • correct number and position of PriFly splinter shield ribs
  • properly slanted and positioned antenna base outriggers
  • open funnel cap (grille not included), ready for your favorite photoetch set


Some part cleanup will be necessary.  The 3D printing process uses a waxy substance to support certain part features.  Although the parts are cleaned by Shapeways, some waxy residue may remain.  It can be safely removed with water and a mild aqueous detergent like "Simple Green" using an old, soft toothbrush, Q-tips or pipe cleaners.  Customers report that "Bestine" and "Goo Gone" also work well.

During the printing process, liquid resin is cured by ultraviolet light.  Microscopic bits of resin may remain uncured.  Let your parts sit in direct sunlight for a few hours to fully cure the resin.  

Water-based acrylic paints meant for plastics is strongly recommended.  Other paints, especially enamels, may not cure on Frosted Detail 3D-printed plastics.

© Model Monkey Book and Hobby.  This 3D-printed item may not be copied or recast.

From Wikipedia:  "Officially, Ship Characteristics Board Program 27 proper referred to the completion of Oriskany, left unfinished at war's end, to a heavily revised design; reconstructions of earlier ships were programs SCB-27A and 27C. The SCB-27 modernization was very extensive, requiring some two years for each carrier. To handle the much heavier, faster aircraft of the early jet-era, the flight deck structure was significantly reinforced, able to support aircraft weighing up to 52,000 pounds (23,587 kg), namely the North American AJ Savage. Stronger and larger elevators, much more powerful catapults, and new Mk 5 arresting gear were installed. The original four twin 5-inch/38 gun mounts were removed, clearing the flight deck of guns. The new five-inch gun battery consisted of eight weapons, two on each quarter beside the flight deck. Twin 3-inch/50 gunmounts replaced the 40 mm guns, offering much greater effectiveness through the use of proximity fuzed ammunition. The reconstruction eliminated the difference between "short-hull" and "long-hull" ships; all now had similar clipper bows.

"The island was completely redesigned, made taller, but shorter in overall length with the removal of its gun mounts. In addition, the boiler uptakes were rebuilt and angled aft to accommodate a single radar and communications mast atop the island.

"The SCB-125 upgrade program was first applied to the final three Essex-class carriers to undergo the SCB-27C modernization while they were still in the midst of their original refit. Ultimately every SCB-27 ship would undergo the SCB-125 modification with the exception of USS Lake Champlain (CV-39).

"Despite the drastic alteration of the carriers' appearance, the SCB-125 refit involved relatively little modification of the ships' existing structure compared to SCB-27, and took around six to nine months as against the approximately two years of the earlier program. The original SCB-27A vessels, which were fitted with a pair of H 8 hydraulic catapults, were not upgraded with the C 11 steam catapults fitted to their SCB-27C sister ships due to machinery space limitations. The SBC-27As also did not receive the enlarged No. 1 (forward) elevator installed in the 27C ships as part of SBC-125.

"The first three 27C ships (Hancock, Intrepid and Ticonderoga) had had their No 3 elevators moved from the centerline to the starboard deck edge, in a position relatively far aft. The next three (Shangri-La, Lexington and Bon Homme Richard), which underwent 27C and 125 concurrently, had the elevator relocated to a deck-edge position farther forward, and this location was used for the 27A ships as they in turn underwent SCB-125.

USS Oriskany (CV-34), the prototype for the SCB-27 conversion, was the final Essex to undergo SCB-125 conversion and as such, received further enhancements. As a result of the addition of aluminum flight-deck cladding, Mk 7-1 arresting gear and more-powerful C 11-1 steam catapults to the standard SCB-125 modifications, Oriskany alone was referred to as a SCB-125A vessel.[1] These changes also made Oriskany the sole SCB-27A vessel to receive steam catapults.

"Modified vessels:

Source:www.history.navy.mil [2]

                                                     Program          Shipyard        Work Began   Recommissioned

USS Shangri-La (CVA-38)                 SCB-27C/125  Puget Sound   Oct 1952        Jan 1955

USS Lexington (CV-16)                     SCB-27C/125  Puget Sound   Sep 1953       Aug 1955

USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)  SCB-27C/125  Hunters Point   May 1953       Sep 1955

USS Bennington (CVA-20)                SCB-125         New York        Jun 1954        Apr 1955

USS Yorktown (CVA-10)                   SCB-125         Puget Sound   Mar 1955        Oct 1955

USS Wasp (CVA-18)                        SCB-125         Hunters Point  Mar 1955        Dec 1955

USS Randolph (CVA-15)                   SCB-125         Norfolk            Aug 1955       Feb 1956

USS Essex (CVA-9)                         SCB-125         Puget Sound   Aug 1955       Jan 1956

USS Hornet (CVA-12)                       SCB-125         Puget Sound   Jan 1956        Aug 1956

USS Hancock (CVA-19)                    SCB-125         Hunters Point  Apr 1956        Nov 1956

USS Kearsarge (CVA-33)                  SCB-125                                Jul 1956        Jan 1957

USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14)               SCB-125         Norfolk            Aug 1956       Apr 1957

USS Intrepid (CVA-11)                      SCB-125         New York        Sep 1956       May 1957

USS Oriskany (CVA-34)                    SCB-125A      Hunters Point   Jan 1957       May 1959

Lexington was redesignated CVA upon completion of SCB-27C/125" 

What's in the Box
1/700 Intrepid 1967 Island
Frosted Ultra Detail
2.6 cm
3.1 cm
6.6 cm

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