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3125 Scale Bolosco Merchant Cruiser MGL 3d printed

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White Natural Versatile Plastic
3125 Scale Bolosco Merchant Cruiser MGL 3d printed
3125 Scale Bolosco Merchant Cruiser MGL 3d printed

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3125 Scale Bolosco Merchant Cruiser MGL

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3D printed in white nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

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Product Description
The Bolosco Merchant Guilds were comprised of a species of multi-cellular, amoeba-like life forms which evolved on a Class-O “cold ocean” world in another galaxy. After successfully adapting themselves and their technology for space travel, they were forced to flee their home galaxy by the warlike KoTanrho. Over the centuries, the Bolosco became an almost nomadic people. Eventually, a splinter group set out for the Milky Way Galaxy; the fate of other Bolosco groups elsewhere in the universe is as yet unknown. Alas, most of their dreadnought-sized Guildships were lost during the crossing of the Galactic Energy Barrier; out of over one hundred guilds to make the attempt, only 16 survived it. 

Nevertheless, after purchasing a new home territory from the Probr and Trobrin, the survivors quickly set about establishing a series of new colonies, as well as steadily developing a network of long-range trade routes across much of the Omega Octant. They also began to offer their services as mercenaries. These actions brought them into contact with their most hated rivals, the Zosman Marauders; both sides fought bitterly against one another, even from their very first meeting. (Some speculate that the two sides may have already been enemies prior to their respective arrivals to the Milky Way, yet neither side is willing to discuss the matter.)

As a further misfortune to the Bolosco, their new home colonies lay on the edge of the Void. This put them in the path of the main Souldra armada, which attacked the Bolosco worlds and drained them of all life on the eve of the Sixth Cycle. The bulk of the surviving Bolosco in the Omega Octant fled to Maesron space, where they joined the New Alliance. The rest settled into lonely lives as independent traders, a pale shadow of the heights they had once reached. Bolosco ships have phaser option mounts, which may take micro, particle, quantum, radiation, or wide-angle phaser types. They import tachyon missiles from the Maesrons, deploying them in type-A (three-missile) racks, and imported shuttle bombs from the Federal Republic of Aurora. They also possessed numerous technologies unique to themselves: focused tractor beams, integrated warp tractors, and ship stabilizers.

The Merchant Cruiser, the Bolosco “heavy cruiser,” was the largest ship used by the Merchant Guilds in a trading or luxury liner role. To that end, it possesses an in-built cargo capacity; a limited amount of fabrication, works, and repair facilities; and may be equipped with either a single large or small Bolosco pod type. The ship’s combat capabilities are not ignored; the base hull is equipped with five phaser-1 option mounts, six phaser-3 option mounts, four focused tractor beams, six integrated warp tractors, and four type-A (three-missile) tachyon missile racks. Notably, the Merchant Cruiser Guilder served on a mercenary contract alongside the Auroran Navy against the Trobrin force at the key battle of Aurora VII during the Maesron Collapse. The Merchant Cruiser model as presented is equipped with a Large Self-Defense Pod, which was commonly used by Bolosco cruisers seeking a balance between added cargo capacity and increased phaser firepower.  

This ship is available in a variety of materials. Ships are unpainted, use standard flight stands available from many sources, and, while designed for gaming, make fine display pieces.

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3125 Scale Bolosco Merchant Cruiser MGL
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