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3788 Scale Eneen Destroyer (DD) CVN 3d printed

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White Natural Versatile Plastic
3788 Scale Eneen Destroyer (DD) CVN 3d printed
3788 Scale Eneen Destroyer (DD) CVN 3d printed

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3788 Scale Eneen Destroyer (DD) CVN

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3D printed in white nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

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Product Description
The Lesser (or Small) Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is the second-nearest galactic neighbor to the Milky Way Galaxy, at roughly 250,000 light years. Much of the astrographic charting was performed by the Royal Hydran Observatory, which sees it at only a 10° angle of offset instead of almost edge-on from Earth or Klinshai. The LMC, having a mass of six to seven billion suns, is distorted by the gravitational effects of both the Milky Way and the Greater Magellanic Cloud. This tidal distortion has accelerated star development and made parts of the LMC very rich in resources, while the fringes of it are almost barren. The entire LMC is roughly one and two-thirds the size of the United Federation of Planets. Star Fleet Battles Module C5 explores the empires of the LMC.

The lemur-like Eneen evolved on a world with a high level of radiation exposure. This provided them with a high level of radiation tolerance, an extended lifespan (Eneen can live for as long as 600 years), and the ability to reproduce parthenogenetically. Yet this comes at the cost of a 10-12% risk of offspring conceived naturally being born with a non-viable genetic mutation, resulting in eugenics policies that are considered sharply draconian by Earth standards. Eneen society is female-dominated, though with societal measures in place to not dispossess the male population.

The Eneen had just developed nuclear weapons and a near-orbital space program when they were contacted by the Jumokian League, who promised access to more advanced technology in exchange for signing up as a Jumokian subject species. Eventually, the Eneen grew dissatisfied with this arrangement and launched a successful rebellion that saw them claim the region of space surrounding their home planet. Later on, they succeeded in conquering the Jumokian homeworld, expanding to establish borders with the Baduvai to the "north" and "south" of the Core region. By the onset of the Andromedan invasion, the Eneen had alternated between warring with the Baduvai for control of the strategically vital Neutral Worlds region and siding with the Baduvai in order to prevent the Maghadim from claiming those same Neutral Worlds. After Operation Unity, the Eneen exiles sought to liberate Ena from Andromedan occupation.

In technological terms, the Eneen use the same multi-layer shields and warp-tuned lasers as most other Magellanic empires. Their primary heavy weapon is the variable-focus neutron beam, an upgrade to the neuron gun they deployed in the Early Years. They also use the type-E plasma torpedo as a support weapon. Tactically, the Eneen attempted to adopt a side-firing doctrine to mitigate the strong forward-arc firepower of their modern Baduvai opponents. Eneen ships have high-powered reactors, which can run "hot" to produce double the amount of energy, yet at the risk of triggering a dangerous cascade should they take any damage. The Eneen later developed a "casual" carrier doctrine but never fielded "true" carriers or fast patrol ships. The Eneen do not allow their subject species access to space, as they are determined not to repeat the mistakes the Jumokians had made with them.

The plus refit applied to the Early Destroyer resulted in the Destroyer. Most (about 80%) of this class were converted to the side-firing design to meet the doctrinal needs of the Heavy Cruiser.

The ship is available in a variety of materials. Ships are unpainted, use standard flight stands available from many sources, and, while designed for gaming, make fine display pieces.

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3788 Scale Eneen Destroyer (DD) CVN
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